Still life of space time
Still lifes of space time, Thomas Canto’s first solo exhibition in Italy, will mirror the artist’s unique research, based on a constant exploration of the three-dimensional space, of pure aesthetics and performative experience. By combining painted surfaces and nylon wires on his artworks and installations, the artist will produce an abstract and complex universe and give rise to new geometries through shadows and light variations that will fill the gallery space. Space and time are fundamental notions in the artist’s works; when facing them the spectator ceases to be a simple observer, instead he is immersed in an overall experience that actively transforms his perception of these dimensions and is constantly pushed to assess reality through new perspectives. For his exhibition at Wunderkammern, Thomas Canto will create an indoor site-specific installation with a video mapping projection, allowing the audience to directly experience his art inside the gallery space. He will present new mixed media artworks, realized with painted wood and canvas, nylon wires and plexi-glass boxes. A special limited edition lithography will be released, produced by the historical Idem studio in Paris, in collaboration with Print Them All. The critical essay will be presented by Achille Bonito Oliva.