Substrat 21 III 2003/19

Thomas Ruff
1000 - 2500 GBP (£)
Chromogenic print
32 x 45.8 cm
Hand-signed by artist, Signed and numbered on the back
Edition of 300
Mint, as issued
Not included
Available For Sale
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Thomas Ruff created his groundbreaking Substratum (or 'Substrat') series in 2003. This series consists of camera-less photographs made without negatives. Ruff appropriated these images from Japanese anime or Manga from the internet, which often feature intense neon colors. By blurring and superimposing the images, he makes the originals unidentifiable, digitally layering more and more colour until they lost, in his eyes, their quality as 'photographs.' Ruff's Substratum series pushes the boundaries of photography through his use of abstraction, a result of the summation of visual information.


Asking Price1000 - 2500 GBP (£)1000 - 2500-

About The Artist

Thomas Ruff is a German artist internationally acclaimed for his explorations of photography in serial works, portraits, and, most....Read More

About The Gallery

Lougher Contemporary was founded by Huw Lougher in 2015 with the mission to acquire and offer a diverse selection of editions and ....Read More
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