84 x 12 x 16 inches each ; 84 x 175 x 16 inches complete installation; $12,500 each or $62,500 complete installation
My art is an expression of my activism, constantly and consistently mining the past to disrupt the present in order to secure the future. It is loud, expressing the pain and rage of our continued collective disavowal of responsibility from the very systems we uphold. My work is rooted in a critique of white supremacy and the systemic oppression of people of color in the United States, and it is reactive to the violent, vicious, genocidal, and unapologetic way in which we differentiate between each other based on race, gender, and class.
This is the great moral issue of our time. And this is why I've devoted my artistic practice entirely to breaking white denial and addressing social justice issues centered on racism. The notion of the artist as activist is at the root of my practice. My art is protest art and is reactive and loud and meant to elicit a higher consciousness. It should be observed as a civic tool.
I acknowledge my white privilege as a direct remnant of slavery, the result of atrocities committed against others. I explore it through my acute awareness of the unearned advantage my white skin holds. White privilege controls America's heartbeat, and our nation's collective loss of memory, our historical amnesia, is to blame. I examine my self and identity in a critical manner; I hold my audience and me accountable for our complicity. Indeed, it is past time for white Americans to hold accountability for and stand up to the injustices of racial oppression.
Tough Under Fire, mixed media, 2017
Six clear acrylic columns mimic the antebellum architecture characteristic of the 19th-century plantation home. Focusing on linkages between the enslavement of Africans and contemporary capitalism, this work interrogates the history and symbolic implications of the "Master Lock," which was originally created to protect military equipment post-World War I. The very name of the padlock company and their one-time slogan "Tough Under Fire" conjure both the trajectory of how slavery established the precedent for the societal mechanisms that strengthen capitalism, as well as the enslavement to capitalism that contemporary Americans must endure to achieve even a tenuously minimal standard of living.

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