Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, mixed media, 2017
Although generally attributed to the Old Testament and Moses' Law, it was in Roman Law that 40 lashes were deemed sufficient to kill a man, and thus forty lashes less one, or 39 lashes, was believed to be the most you could administer without actually imposing a penalty of death. In the New Testament, Pontius Pilate ordered Jesus to receive 39 lashes, as more than that would have been considered un-Christian.
In contemporary reality 39 lashes would be considered "excessive force," as it is more than enough to kill an individual. Police violence against Black children, women, and men has dominated the American landscape for the past several decades, fueled by the seemingly daily executions for virtually nothing more than the "crime" of being black. Instead, against the backdrop of an indigo-dyed blue wall, silence closes in, protecting those of their ranks who would martyr the innocent among us and yet walk away unscathed, with society finding no fault in their terminal actions against black bodies.

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