As an artist, TIFFANY CALVERT applies contemporary painting techniques to historical imagery. Her recent work uses the seventeenth-century Dutch floral still life as a springboard for exploring the shifting nature of human perception. The traditional Dutch still-life often contains an abundance of visual information for the viewer to process: texture, color, sheen, and finish. Widely popular and highly prized among collectors, these painted floral arrangements were meticulously detailed compositions, whether lavish or simple, and many featured insects and animals hidden among the foliage. The paintings on display here are oil paintings on printed reproductions of a work by Dutch artist P. W. Windtraken. Calvert has intervened by matching paint to Windtraken's original color palette, camouflaging it within the picture. Other techniques such as gridding, fragmentation, and image reversal serve to obstruct and interrupt the viewer's perception of the image. Like a digital "glitch" or a scrambled transmission, Calvert generates paintings that are suspended in a moment, simultaneously on the verge of disintegration or cohesion. Tiffany Calvert is an artist-in-residence at the Speed Art Museum for 2018-2019, studying works in the permanent collection with Erika Holmquist-Wall, Chief Curator and Mary and Barry Bingham, Sr.
Tiffany Calvert's work has been shown internationally including Lawrimore Project in Seattle, E.TAY Gallery in New York, and Cadogan Contemporary in London. She has been awarded residencies at the ArtOmi International Arts Center and Djerassi Resident Artists Program, and funding from the Great Meadows Foundation. She has been nominated for a Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors Grant, and in 2010 received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. Calvert uses traditional and emerging media to investigate the mutable nature of perception and the effect of media on the substantiation of the image.
She is currently Assistant Professor of Art at the Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville and artist-in-residence at the Speed Art Museum for 2018-2019.