This painting is based on Rachel Ruysch's, Vase of Flowers, 1700. The painting contains an example of the Dutch tulip most prized during Tulipomania: Semper Augustus. Striping is caused by a virus that infects the bulb - "The virus also weakens the bulb and retards the plant's propagation through offset growths; as it progresses through each generation the bulb grows stunted and weak. Eventually, it has no strength to flower, and either breaks apart or withers away, ending the genetic line. For this reason the most famous examples of tulips from color-broken bulbs - the Semper Augustus and the Viceroy - no longer exist."


There is a parallel between a virus infecting the bulb and creating aberrations in its appearance (making it more rare and prized) and the aberrations I create using code altering software to create "glitches."