"The idea of having several possible interpretations of the same image, or of the same object, is pretty close to the issue that traditional graffiti may raise. What is the message? Who is this painting for? Why do I not have the skills that allow me to understand the meaning of these letters? I often choose my subjects for their specific forms, as each one will have many stories to tell for it. Then the fact of achieving a specific calligraphic graffiti, where the accumulation and the association of specific colors (here those of the American flag somewhat diverted) will make the work of art somehow confusing to read. Thus the person passing by will be facing all these graffiti without ever understanding their real meanings. It’s then his choice to wonder if that will prevent him from enjoying the piece. Therefore, all the interpretations, be they political, philosophical, or concerning the subversive nature of the painting, are left to each individual’s appreciation." TILT