ARTIST STATEMENT; Following her intuitive impulses, Tina Berendsohn tends to seek the raw and instinctive; path. The human figure with its gestures, human emotion and relationships is her strongest inspiration. Working as a performer and therapist refined her perception of physical expression, sensing the emotion and the potential behind movements and gestures. She also draws a lot of inspiration from nature and environments. Her painting style is both about consciously using technique as well as losing control in the course of creating. She is drawn to expressive physicality, strong colors, lots of layering and abstraction while mixing techniques and styles to create a work that springs from the inner necessity to be open for the moment. The essence of her painting is found within the unsaid, abstract and unplanned while working consciously with realistic elements, as well as composition and color.; Tina Berendsohn states, that she gets excited when she doesn't quite know how a painting is going to evolve, she likes to be surprised by the process of painting, enjoying to leave a; painting at a point where questions are still open and the viewer is left with their own imagination.

About The Gallery

ZContemporary is an art gallery based in Hamburg. It offers a great selection of artworks for sale by many emerging and established artists.
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