Fuck Small Talk

Tinker Brothers
Stencil and varnish on canvas
160 x 120 x 3.5 cm
Available For Sale
"Invisibility Is A Superpower" Series (
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Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist studio; Arty-Fact: Small talk: polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters, especially as engaged in on social occasions. An example of small talk in a sentence: At the corporate get-together we made the obligatory small talk with some people from the home office. Fuck small talk. TB Fun-Fact: "Every great artist, musician and writer, poet and scientist, guru and philosopher that has ever walked the face of the earth tapped into the same source - something beyond words. We believe that with our ‘invisible’ paintings; stencilled pieces of images inspired by pop culture in varnish on white canvas, there might be a chance of capturing the essence of that source, or at least hint at it." ~ Tinker Brothers

About The Artist

Tinker Brothers are contemporary Pop artists known for their signature style of bold stenciled words and classic cartoons in black and white.Read More

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