No More Broken Hearts

Tinker Brothers
Stencil and varnish on canvas
150 x 100 x 3.5 cm
Signed by the artist
Available For Sale
"Invisibility Is A Superpower" Series (
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Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist studio; Arty-Fact: Broken hearts can be prevented with early detection!; TB Fun-Fact: "Forget about our success story. Forget about all the set-backs, the thousands of rejections and the struggling for years ‘to make it’. And forget about our big dreams; the hunger for being among the most influential artists of our time. Because when it comes down to it, none it really matters. It’s about love. It’s about heart. We are warriors of light—art just turns out to be our weapon of choice." ~ Tinker Brothers

About The Artist

Tinker Brothers are contemporary Pop artists known for their signature style of bold stenciled words and classic cartoons in black and white.Read More

About The Gallery

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