I make expressionistic paintings and drawings that embrace the irrational. The imagery in these works derives from the subconscious and is often characterized by grotesque attributes such as doubleness, hybridity and metamorphosis. Paintings are begun without pre-determined ideas. Through a process of gestural mark-making and 'playing around', images suggest themselves and are developed. This approach to image making seeks to enable apophenia, the tendency to perceive connection or meaningful patterns within random data. I think of my paintings as ecosystems that evolve according to their own laws of nature. Subjects in the work are not always defined and the viewer is invited to develop their own rationale as to what is occurring within the picture. Despite being an atheist I've always been drawn to religious art, mythology and symbolism. I'm very attracted to the idea that images can be invested with power or magic even though this probably isn't the case. For me, the painting ritual is a form of revelry that I take great pleasure in. I'm curious about the desire that drives humans to want to make images. Floating Downstream