Grey Test Pattern 1

Tom McGlynn
2,500 GBP (£)
Acrylic/gouache on wood
76.2 x 101,6 x 0 cm
Available For Sale
The artist, writer, and curator Brendan Carroll, co-founder of Agitators Collective, had this to say about the artist's work: "At first glance, the compositions appear ordered, balanced. On closer inspection, the rectangular bands are not symmetrical, but interspersed and uneven. They refute uniformity. His visual language is drawn from a deadpan observation of the world around him…McGlynn’s work is...about the immediacy of simply looking at stuff..." Kara Rooney, artist, writer and curator based in New York City has characterized his art as well: “Tom McGlynn draws upon the grid as a codifier of human sentience, pushing and probing the boundary of language and memory...Utilizing commercial branding and corporate logos along with personal imagery as source material, the artist employs the rectangular motif as vestigial stand-in for what has already occurred- for the accumulated sum of lived experience”
United States
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Test Pattern series sets up a generic template as a poetic prompt to consider how behavioural responses to color and form stimulate an abstract sense of contemporary being.

The ostensible template here refers to the color calibration test of the machinic eye (the camera's eye) in a common tool for this purpose, the test pattern. This is not a strictly conceptual usage however, but more of a purposeful play with instrumental meaning and its possible liberation in poetic trance.

Like the Survey and Decal series, the Test Pattern series intend to refer to technological and social conditioning, or the abstraction of contemporary experience, and also the potential for transcending that conditioning by grasping it in the physical and perhaps less-determined form of paintings on wood panel.



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