Blob Monster (2010) is a sculpture by American artist Tony Tasset, created by pouring colored resin and paint over a metal and wire form. The work is a perfect example of Tasset's interest in blending high art and low art in an attempt to question how we assign value to aesthetic phenomena and cultural assets. By high art, Tasset means objects that are collected in museums, and which become part of art history. By low art, he means popular culture, disposable, ephemeral art, and art objects that are available for everyone. Blob Monster exposes the similarities between these aspects of American culture. Its drips reference Abstract Expressionism, while its form references the monster trop so familiar to movie and TV audiences. Monsters typically are used in cinema and literature as stand-ins for social ills and political fears. This glossy, abstract, menacing sculpture could be a stand-in for a Pandemic, our political differences, our social fears, the injustices of the art world, or any number of other issues imagined by the viewer.

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