Guna II

Tracey Adams
2,350 GBP (£)
Encaustic on Okawara paper
90 x 60 x 0 cm
Right-hand corner
Unique artwork
Perfect. First hand item.
Available For Sale
From the artist’s studio
United States
abstract painting,abstract art,painting
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The artwork is not framed.

The title, Guna (2016), is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘string, thread or strand’ and was inspired by Adams yoga practice.

“It’s a key concept in various schools of Hindu philosophy which states there are 3 gunas: goodness, passion and darkness, all present in everyone and everything, but in different proportions. The interplay of the 3 gunas define the character of someone or something, of nature and determines the progress of life”. (Wikipedia)

The pieces in this series are printed with pigmented encaustic on Japanese paper; they are mounted on panel and coated with medium or stand alone like this work on Okawara paper.

These artworks were a reaction to the more serialized and geometric work Adams was doing, a need to break from that and work in a freeing and more physical way.


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Tracey Adams is known for her colorful abstract paintings, prints and monotypes inspired by nature, music, mathematics and Japanes....Read More

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