These are paintings that are deconstructed into pixels of 16 shades of Red, Green and Blue, reconstituting the way that networked cameras, CCTV, aerial drones, and by extension future AI, see and record the world: in raw format, in digital RGB.; The paintings depict publicly accessible webcam imagery of extreme natural weather conditions and events as a technique for visualising the world with the detached, indifferent and disengaged eye of 'CCTV' or 'webcam vision'. The gaze of these cameras has become the prism by which we are able to theorise and disengage from events that otherwise would harm us. Unharmed, unaffected und undisturbed the camera keeps recording.; The arrangement of the coloured pixels is very specific to networked cameras and called the Bayer filter array. On closer look the pixelation is made up of a very specific grid of red, green and blue that are created by a special pattern of red green and blue filters that are overlaid over the camera's sensors to cover each of the pixels.; Once a camera has recorded an image in this way, and to then obtain a usable full colour image that mimics what the human eye sees, algorithms in the camera or in the computer interpolate the red, green and blue values for each pixel. The strangely green hue of the paintings is the result of there are being twice as many green pixels compared to red or blue, a method to counter the greater sensitivity to green light of the human eye.; For these paintings we have transcribed the digital colour space of the camera, typically composed of a mix of 255 shades of red, 255 shades of green and 255 shades of Blue into a 'downsampled' and 'real world' version of 16 shades of red, 16 shades of green and 16 shades of blue paint. The highly complex method means that for instance the the digital colour referenced as R = 160, G = 0, B = 0 can be mixed using 1.8 parts of 'Golden Heavy Body Acrylic' Cadmium Red Light to 1 part of Quinacridone Crimson.

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OMR was founded in 1983 and through over 400 exhibitions and 20 years of participation in art fairs, has developed
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