Hunted Hunter's Head-Panther is a large format 4-color screen print by Twoone produced by Mother Drucker Berlin for Urban Spree Prints in a limited edition of 25 copies, using only traditional techniques. The artist painted his motive directly on an acetate foil, impressing original texture, matter and details on to the artwork. The highly detailed & textured print outcome is the result of this analog process. 4 colors are screen-printed (silver, neon pink, black, purple) but the print is comprised of a larger color spectrum due to the artist's in-process interventions: Twoone hand-painted on the print between layers to add colors elements with pencil, spray cans and markers. In addition, the final layer was produced with the direct intervention of the artist, incorporating purple ink directly on the screen, making each print truly unique. Publisher: Urban Spree Prints; Certificate of Authenticity