'Hannah Colorized is a new DYE transfer print, which I also used a brand new technique for this was shot on black and white film, then colored by hand using special paints to create a KODACHROME look. This is a process that took me years to perfect and will be immortalized in the DYE transfer printing process forever.
These are the rarest color prints in existence and will each and ever one be museum pieces these master works are tailored only for top collectors. They are the longest lasting highest tone color images ever made. The Kodak company stopped making the chemicals in 1994 and these are the last remaining chemicals in the world, after my run there will never be Dye Transfer prints again.
The color process depends on superimposing three images in the subtractive colors: cyan, magenta and yellow in exact register, facilitated by means of register pins mounted at the edge of a glass rolling bed, using a purpose designed punch to make holes at the edge of the matrix films. As three matrices are required for each print, which are the same size as the print, the process is relatively expensive. Colour separation negatives together with their high contrast highlight masks that keep specular highlights clear from fogging over by exposing the contrast reducing masks through them.

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