Tyler Shields is photographer, film director, and writer, best known for his images of Hollywood celebrities. Known for his controversial and violent images, and frequently drawing criticism from animal rights activists and women's groups, his photographs capture much of the most over-the-top, brutal aspects of contemporary celebrity culture.
Born in Jacksonville, Florida and now recognized as "Hollywood's favorite photographer", contemporary artist and filmmaker Tyler Shields' evolution from the "bad boy of photography" with his controversial blood-stained photographic series featuring Lindsay Lohan to the more subtle color-explosive poesy of his Chromatic series, and his work featuring Francesca Eastwood (Clint's daughter) to the fire-starting bag-sawing antics of a $100,00 Hermes Birkin Bag, to the stoic magic surrealism of Suspense, a project shot in the New Mexico desert featuring Franseca Eastwood, Emma Roberts and Lydia Hearst, Mr. Shield's art captures the emergence of an artist and his medium into a more mature overture and output. Tyler Shields is an American image-maker.
'We are all guilty of perception, we live in the world we make, if we escape the world we are born in, masks create faceless villains, fighting an idea is much harder than fighting a person. Peace is much harder to create than violence is to allow, you have to fight for peace, you simply have to allow hate, it doesn't matter what you believe up down left right, ideas and beliefs are free they cost nothing, but decency comes at a price, so much violence so much destruction has been taking place, people feel vindicated destroying people's lives that they know nothing about. May we all take our time, may we all be better today than we were yesterday, may we all be better than our fathers who came before us. How can you be better? What does this mean to you?' - Tyler Shields
Collection: Historical Fiction
Available Sizes:
22.5 x 30 Edition of 3;
30 x 40 Edition of 3;
45 x 60 Edition of 3;
54 x72 Edition of 3

Historical Fiction series

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