'You're a blank canvas until you decide who you want to be. We choose if we want to be decent, if we have great friends instead of users, to show your true self or to be the person you think someone wants you to be. So much of who we are or what we do is a choice even if you don't realize it. This photo contains no photoshop no selective color and no color enhancement, this is shot on film and untouched. I wanted to create something that tricked the view at first glance. ' - Tyler Shields
Available Sizes:; 18' x 18' Edition of 3; 30' x 30' Edition of 3; 40' x 40' Edition of 3; 59' x 59' Edition of 3

About The Gallery

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art is an art gallery based in Greenwood. It offers a great selection of artworks for sale by many emerging and established artists.
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