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Dissolvent on original advertsing poster
80 x 60 x 0 cm
Unavailable For Sale
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De estas dudad estas certezas (Out of doubts these certainties transl.) is the subvertised poster of the original H&M fall/winter campaign launched in 2012; the protagonist of the artwork is the famous pop singer Lana Del Rey, the then testimonial of the Swedish clothing brand.

If you compare the original poster with artist’s final work you may notice one important difference: the original poster represents an aseptic scenario where the background plays a relevant role in the picture; indeed, the original poster represents an underground parking lot with the model staying in front of a covered-up car. Differently from it, the artwork focuses on the model as the primary source of symbols without any additional superficial aesthetic elements.

The dominant colour of the poster is blue in its shades. In this artwork the artist applies two techniques to shape the colours with turpentine: he used the spatula for the background, while he combined both the strokes of the spatula and the effect obtained by the colours trickling to highlight the figure of the model. The combination of the dark tonality and the trickling effect conveys a certain noir feeling to the image; thus, the model turns out being a scaring pin-up girl. The artist may have decided to deform the physiognomy of the model in order to dissolve those features which are typically considered sensual in a contemporary feminine figure; for instances: the mouth, the eyebrows and the shape of the body itself.

Lana Del Rey’s image and music style are often stigmatized as ambiguously dark and melancholic. Thus, the artist may have played with Lana Del Rey’s public persona, capitalizing on her iconic representation of a postmodern dark heroin. Symbols are often enigmatic and undefined; similarly this artwork embraces this conflict and conveys the complexity behind the act of representation. It is not by chance that the title preannounced the duality encountered in the artwork itself; indeed, the woman might remind either a Greek goddess in the white dress or a vampire queen with long and sharp nails. Finally, this artwork insists on the paradoxes of contemporary beauty standards, thus unveiling its deficits in an ironic way.

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Vermibus is a Spanish contemporary artist who uses the public space as a channel to criticize the aesthetic value of the consumer society.Read More

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