Until She Is Gone

Works on Paper
Dissolvent on original advertsing poster
100 x 70 x 0 cm
Unavailable For Sale
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The artwork Until she is gone is completely coherent with the Leitmotiv of the whole series “In Absentia” composed by 21 posters; indeed both the title evoke a process of vanishment embodied by a woman with an absent gaze. This artwork is the solvent-based poster of L’Oréal’s lipstick advertising campaign whose testimonial is the Dutch model Lara Stone.
More than other artworks of the series, this poster deals with the interconnections between both mass consumption and personal issues, trying to explore the effects of the so-called post-truth world on the subconscious. Though the definite strokes characterizing the face of the model, the poster is not structured in order to emphasize her figure. On the contrary, except from the lips and the hair the model seems vanishing and becoming part of the background. The combination of both the technique and the colours used to shape the face of the model strongly contribute to convey this emotional impression in a more realistic way. It is not by chance that the focus is on Lara Stone’s face which might represent the physical and metaphorical process of decomposing. Thus, the poster may be a symbol of the dissolution of individual tendencies caused by homogenisation of needs.

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Vermibus is a Spanish contemporary artist who uses the public space as a channel to criticize the aesthetic value of the consumer ....Read More

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