Late 20th Century

A powerful abstract painting by New York artist, William Engel in his signature style. In its original aluminum frame measuring 27 x 34.5 inches. The painting itself measures 19 x 28 inches (both sheets).
Artists Statement: "I have been pouring oil paint for more than 25 years. Sometimes the pours are about landscapes of my mind and involve a process of up to 20 poured colors at once and built up layer upon layer over three months. I have been also exploring the idea of more modern works with only one singular pour per week and layered in spatial configurations that conclude in a design of asymmetric balance. The singular pours of buttery oils are also layered over the course of three months for each work. More recently, I am working with french acrylic paint that allows more transparency for each layer. I am inspired by the work of Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Gehry, and Richard Diebenkorn and continue to layer and pour paint using gravity as my brush." —William Engel.

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