Willie Cole has returned repeatedly to the subject of mother and child in his paintings and sculptures. Like the British Sculptor Henry Moore, who also explored the mother and child topic repeatedly, Cole has used a wide range of materials and compositions in this body of work. Cole makes extensive use of readymade objects and found materials, especially salvaged shoes, irons, and other consumer objects. In 2009, he made a mother and child sculpture out of discarded shoes and called it Anne Klein with a Baby in Transit. This elegant sculpture made in 2020, cast fully in bronze and resembling an assemblage of discarded high-heeled shoes, is one of Cole's most recent, and most mature examples of his mother and child series, and recollects Cole's long standing interest in African sculpture.
Artist Biography: Willie Cole (b. 1955) is a pioneering contemporary American sculptor, painter and conceptual artist. Inspired by various traditions such as assemblage, Neo-Realism, African sculpture, Dada and Surrealism, he creates idiosyncratic objects that hover between the realm of the readymade and the pop icon.

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