Madonna and Child is a photograph full of energy. The role of this woman in her village is to feed the lonely animals to then, feed the village.
Professional camerawoman and great traveler, Wylda Bayron has traveled through this hard-to-reach region to meet changing tribal societies whose ancestral heritage is now threatened.
Adopted by her hosts, she has been able to attend sing-sing (festive gatherings) and more secret rites, from which foreigners are normally excluded. She has thus produced a series of portraits of beautifully dressed men, women and children, proudly posing in their ceremonial attire.
This original work reflects the essential role of the bilas: expression of beauty and prestige, a link between Man and his environment.
Other portraits, representing masked men, reveal the symbolic universe of Papuan myths, populated by ancestors and powerful spirits, but also the ritual scarification of young men and women from the region surrounding the Sepik. Papua New Guinea

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