Turn, Incandescences series

Xavier Dumoulin
Inkjet printing on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper.
80 x 120 x 0 cm
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Turn is a photograph by contemporary artist Xavier Dumoulin taken from the series Incandescences. Concerned about environmental problems, through his photography, Xavier Dumoulin reveals a growing dichotomy between man and his environment.For this series he traveled from Normandy to the hinterland of Nice, in France, and from the Alps to the Pyrenees looking for isolated towns or villages in the wilderness. These inhabited lands are iridescent with light in a natural setting plunged into the dark night. The juxtaposition, here brought to the fore, between the light of man and the black of nature's darkest night remind us here in the west that we no longer have access to the spectacle of a starlit night sky: "an inestimable loss of a certain poetic rapport in the world" according to Xavier Dumoulin.
80 × 120 Edition of 8 + 2AP €2,000
60 × 90 Edition of 8 + 2AP €1,700


Asking Price1700 - 2000-

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Xavier Dumoulin is a French landscape photographer who was born in 1974, in Tarbes. He is currently based in Pau, France.Read More

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