In Fudong's "The Fifth Night," a film installation of slow-shot footage that unfolded on seven screens connected and arranged around a room, the artist broaches the concept of time through an exploration of spirituality. Though often associated with serenity and introspection, this intended spirituality acts as a mise-en-scene to quell Fudong's escapist mentality and examine the virtues of his aesthetic preferences. His shots are tightly composed, his beautifully orchestrated scenes thereby behaving cinematically in not only their total form, but also frame by frame. The film itself is marked by loneliness and alienation along with a foreboding sense of emptiness as experienced through the eyes of seven different boys and girls throughout the Shanghai Film Shooting Base, the city's premiere film lot. His stills are made profound by their heavy contrast, as seen in this still, and marked by their constructs of spatial and temporal modality.

This print is sold unframed and in mint condition. Please contact the gallery with any questions.

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