Natural and mystical processes inspire Ostovany. Informed by a variety of different cultures, Ostovany feels a connection to multiple separate and yet complementary mystical traditions.

He looks toward elements of Western and Eastern art, literature, spirituality, poetry and music to create an environment and a mindset conducive to his process, which is connected to Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting.

Conference of the Birds series is a deeply personal response to the Sufi fable by the same name by Farideddin Attar, 12th century Persian mystic. Attar's verse focuses on a flock of birds who, In time of chaos and darkness, decide they are In need of a King - Thus begins their quest for the Phoenix (Simorgh) - an allegorical visit to seven valleys. After enduring Increasing hardships, doubt and exhaustion set It and more and more birds give up the quest.

In a play on the Persian word Simorgh (Phoenix) they end up with Si-Morgh (thirty birds) realizing that the Phoenix Is nothing more than those birds themselves who persevered and endured the path through Self-sacrifice and steadfastness.

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