Fragments of poet...

Yari Ostovany
Oil on canvas
80 x 94 cm
Unique artwork
Perfect. First hand item.
From the artist's studio
United States
abstract art,oil on canvas,painting,abstract painting
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Oil on canvas.

Informed by a variety of different cultures, Ostovany feels a connection to multiple separate and yet complementary mystical traditions.

He looks toward elements of Western and Eastern art, literature, spirituality, poetry and music to create an environment and a mindset conducive to his process, which is connected to Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting.

The inspiration and the point of departure for the series "Fragments of Poetry and Silence" is a poem by John Berger "Dream":

In a pocket of earth
I buried all the accents
of my mother tongue

there they lie
like needles of pine
assembled by ants

one day the stumbling cry
of another wanderer
may set them alight

then warm and comforted
he will hear all night
the truth as lullaby

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