Casablanca is Yoriyas' hometown, and every time he leaves Morocco, he has the same conversations about the city. He tells people where he's from and they respond with some variation of "Casablanca, like the movie!" "I always find myself explaining that the movie has little to do with the real Casablanca," he says. "And the film was actually shot in a Hollywood studio that couldn't be further from the city."
Yoriyas tells us that when people think about Morocco or about Casablanca they have similar misconceptions. "They think of camels, the Sahara, the big mosque, or of some traditional carpet." But as he rightly points out, the city is so much more than that. "It's a diverse group of cultures and I see the contrasts between those, it's developing so fast and there's this mix between modernity and tradition," he says. "I think it's important for me to show all of this."The result is a collection of images that show just how varied life in his city is. Kids playing football wherever they can, the bustling streets, horses on the beach, colorful prayer times and torch-lit chess matches. "Casablanca fairy tale" is part of "Casablanca not the Movie" series.

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