Famous for a style that combines Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and Pop Art cartoons, Yoshitomo Nara is famous for his paintings, prints and sculptures of solitary, doll-like children that he uses to convey his own understanding of the duality of human nature - they are happy and sad, generous and selfish, optimistic and pessimistic, curious and confused. Nara depicts solitary, doll-like children to comment upon the unease and uncertainty of modern living, often with very adult messages.

Yoshitomo Nara designed this work in collaboration with fellow star of the Japanese contemporary art scene, Hiroshi Sugito, reportedly whilst on a visit to Vienna in summer 2004. Nara's childlike Manga figures combine with Sugito's pastel landscapes and interiors to form a fusion of Zen and Pop.

This item is sold in mint condition in its original packaging, a blue book with an illustrated paper front cover.

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