‘Brainwash’. From a series ‘Goodbye, Lenin’ by Yuriy Zakordonets.

We believe that exploring Socialist Realism Collection will expand understanding of the context and the idea behind the artworks.

New series of works on socialist realism ‘Goodbye, Lenin!’ was developed from artist’s submissions to a group show displayed in several cities in Ukraine at the beginning of 2017. The exhibition – ‘Mausoleum Renaissance’ – was focused on retrospective view at soviet time 25 years after Soviet system fell apart. It requested from artists a contemporary perspective on what is known as ‘life behind the iron curtain’.

Despite mixed feelings associated with the socialist era, it is important to provide a space for all views and experiences, especially when they come directly from artists who witnessed that time of the history. Every painting is certainly more than just a sarcastic memory flash, it is a personal story, it is a virtual touch to that mystic life in USSR.

Original ‘kitsch’ style brings a flavor of irony (or even a sarcasm), which even a quarter of a century would not have been possible. Each artwork was paired with a prototype, an existing painting (or print) made during USSR times: almost identical scenes but with a modern twist. However, even this is not it: all paintings are full of symbols and riddles, which intrigue and complement the overall experience from the past era in intellectual as well as emotional way. Weight: 13.2 lbs.