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Artworks We Like: July Was Hot!

  • Paranoia on Paper by Word To Mother and Sickboy
August 5, 2015
Aya received her MA in English Language and Literature in 2012. She likes dancing, traveling, cycling and spending time with her pets.

In July we introduced our new exciting feature on the website – Widewalls online art gallery. In the era of online shopping, there is no better way to sell or buy artwork than via internet. The easy-to-use markeplace brings together art collectors, artists and gallerists, who wish to browse and buy top notch art from the comfort of their homes. Our database hosts the best artworks for sale: paintings, prints, original works, photography, abstract paintings, sculpture, mixed media works and many more, from galleries and artists around the world. The best part – you can join and browse the online marketplace for FREE! It has never been easier to find and buy art online.

However, we decided to make it easy for you and make a selection of July’s 10 hottest artworks available for sale in Widewalls online art gallery. It features everything from bold and audacious ceramic works, via beautiful fairy-tale like paintings to puzzling abstract art, created by both street art legends and emerging artists. Whether you like Invader’s pixelated video game style or retro advertisements, we can guarantee that you will find something for your taste.

Here are the artworks we liked in July!

Featured image: Word To Mother and Sickboy – Paranoia On Paper

Invader - Low Res Mona Lisa

invader low res mona lisaThe silkscreen print entitled Low Res Mona, by legendary French street artist Invader, is a wonderful portrait in the style of 8-bit video games of the 1970s – 1980s. Invader is globally renowned for his pixelated works, which can be seen around the world. Instead of video characters, this time he plays with the best known and most parodied work of art – Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. If you ever wondered what would Mona Lisa look like as an 8-bit video character, here is the answer. We cannot see her famous smile, but this humorous and playful art piece will make everyone else smile. The work is signed, numbered and available for sale.

Price: 2,000 USD ($)

Best Ever - Untitled

Best Ever untitledThis Untitled piece by Best Ever, the two like-minded painters and street artists from London, is a good representation of their work, which they describe as “anatomical mathematical realism” or “disturbed painterly realism.” They strive to portray the ugly side of life: death, illness, math, science and delicacy of human body. They are well known for painting human figures with anatomical and surgical precision, in grey and pastel colors. This work on canvas is not an exception. It is a portrait of a sad bald figure immersed in thoughts. While her big light eyes are brimming with worry and confusion,  the icy and grey hues of this painting convey the sense of coldness which is in contrast with the deep emotions present in this piece. The work (51 x 41 cm) is unframed, signed by the artists and unique.

Price: 2,950 EUR (€)

Word To Mother and Sickboy - Paranoia On Paper

Paranoia On Paper (featured image) is the first and only collaborative painting on canvas by Word To Mother and Sickboy, the renowned British artists, and the part of their Paranoia On Paper project, backed by Fluorescent Smogg. This big and beautiful art piece (90 x 130), created by acrylic spray gold leaf and ink on canvas, presents the various ways of articulating the elements of their visual languages. It shows their mutual love for vivid pastel colors and characters that resemble the cartoons from their childhood.  These two artists are a perfect match – their playful, multi-layered and detailed imagery draws inspiration from the precious memories of the past times, juxtaposes them with reality and tells a story.

Price: 11,000 EUR (€)

Shepard Fairey - This Is Your God

Shepard Fairey - This is Your God

The print This Is Your God by the street art legend Shepard Fairey, well known for his thought-provoking and often controversial designs, is his typical piece of artwork. The slogan “This Is Your God”, as well as many other slogans used for his OBEY campaign, are borrowed from  John Carpenter’s movie They Live, tackles the topic of consciousness and political messaging. Shepard Fairey intents to provoke people to react, to think and question their own role. The artist finds the inspiration in Heidegger’s concept of phenomenology and tells us to “obey” with biting sarcasm. The print (91 x 61) is framed and signed by the artist. Only one left in stock! Get it while you can.

Price: 650 EUR (€)

Carrie Reichardt - I Love Ass

Carrie Reichardt - I love assThe affordable and cheeky I Love Ass piece by contemporary British artist Carrie Reichardt, a figurehead for the Craftivism – a worldwide movement that operates at the intersection of craft and activism, is something you don’t want your grandma to see. The artist is known for using her craft and art as protest, and creating provocative, rebellious and controversial artwork, which often reads statemens like: “Come riot with me”, “Lick Me Bite Me” or “No Gods No Masters” The ceramic piece is juxtaposing colorful vintage images of birds and flowers, with a half-naked woman of a hot-line advertisement. This artwork will channel your inner badass and make your guests giggle. Only one left in stock!

Price: 250 EUR (€)

Anthony Lister - Party Life Drawings 9

Anthony Lister Party Life Drawings 9Party Life Drawings 9 by established Australian Lowbrow artist Anthony Lister is a piece from his Party Life series, which feature a character taking part at a social event. Anthony Lister masterfully parodies modern life with his series in the style of Expressionist old masters . This mixed media artworks (pencil, felt pen and correction fluid on a paper), seem like impromptu drawings that capture the spirit and mood of modern socializing – the the protagonist is still, stiff, bored, aloof and detached from its environment, and perfectly opposed to the notion of “party”, as there are no other characters present. The drawing number 9 features a woman who is sitting and drinking. The black, white and red colors of this piece highlight the gloomy and pessimistic atmosphere of this unique piece. The work (25.40 x 20.32 x 2.54 cm) is signed, framed and available for sale.

Price: 500 USD ($)

Fieroza Doorsen - Untitled

Doorsen Fieroza untitledThe South African – British abstract artist Fieroza Doorsen is the author of this untitled artwork. She plays with organic forms and explores their shapes, curves and lines, while toying with monochrome and colors, in order to create spatial relations and formal contrasts. This abstract collage on paper in earth colors (17.5 x 12) is new and available for sale.

Price: 800 GBP (£)

ASVP - Sociability

ASVP sociability

Sociability is a hand-pulled color screen print, framed, floated and available for sale! The author is ASVP, a Brooklyn-based artistic duo. They are famous for the style inspired by comic books, Mad Men-era advertising and popular figures, such as Nelson Mandela or Lady Gaga. This multi-layered and vividly colored piece is characterized by extensive layering and heavy background texture, and the size of edition is two. The eye-catching print, inspired by retro advertising is hand painted with acrylic making, which makes it completely unique.

Price: 600 USD ($)

Collin van der Sluijs - Untitled

collin van der sluijs untitledThe untitled painting by Collin van der Sluijs portrays a fox from the  fantasy world, colorful, surreal and resembling a character from a fairy-tale book. In fact, majority of Collin van der Sluijs’ works depict furry animals, birds and children. He says that he paints his personal pleasures and struggles in daily life, so it appears that van der Sluijs’s daily life is magnificent. The fragile, innocent and vivid world of his paintings is hauntingly beautiful and characterized by his distinctive visual language. If you would like to return to your childhood, perhaps you should know that this painting is available for sale.

Price: 2,750 EUR (€)

Alexander Mitchell - Swipe Right To Change Your Life

Alexander Michell Swipe Right To Change Your Life Swipe Right To Change Your Life is a collage on paper by Alexander Mitchell – artist, curator and founder of Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne. It was created for the group exhibition A Study of Camouflage, which took place at Backwoods Gallery and explored the different ways in which the concept of camouflage can occur. Alexander Mitchell’s stunning monochromatic photo collage tackles the topic of modern dating and the different identities that those who are looking for love reveal on social networks. The title of the work alludes to swiping right and left on Tinder, the popular mobile application for finding a date.

Price: 660 AUD ($)

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