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Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018 - A Vibrant and Diverse Art Experience

  • Annemarie Ambrosoli - Hajime at the 2018 edition of the fair
  • Wu Qiong - Fairy Tales in the Wind II
  • Toshimitsu Imai - Autumn Riverside
  • Rovi Salegumba - Tabula Rasa
  • Adeline Buenaventura - Hippo Ti Amo
August 27, 2018
A philosophy graduate interested in critical theory, politics and art. Alias of Jelena Martinović.

The Asia Contemporary Art Show is held in Hong Kong during the two most important seasons for buying art: in the Spring during Hong Kong Arts Month, and in the Autumn, during the Fall art auction season. Founded by three art enthusiasts with more than 30 years of experience in the region, Mark Saunderson, Douwe Cramer and Sarah Benecke, it delivers a vibrant and diverse art experience for collectors and art buyers, in addition to providing great service and support for exhibitors from all around the world.

Coming for its 13th edition to the Conrad Hong Kong this Fall, The Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018 will bring together more than 80 galleries from Asia and the world, including up-and-coming and mid-career artists. The public will have an opportunity to see works in various media by artists from countries such as Myanmar, the United States, South Korea, Lebanon, Russia, China, Japan, Hong Kong and many others. As Show Director Mark Saunderson remarked:

Art is certainly happening right now in Hong Kong. This past Spring we saw record attendance and turnover at art fairs, and record-breaking auction results. The recent opening of the Tai Kwun, the restored Central Police Station compound, provides Hong Kong with a series of new art and performance venues allowing people to enjoy and explore art in heritage and contemporary environments right in the middle of Central.

Be sure not to miss this interesting and unique meeting place for artists, galleries, collectors and art enthusiasts.

Nornor - Pyramid, iTibet Art Space at 2018 edition of Asia Contemporary Art Shows
Nornor – Pyramid, iTibet Art Space, China, Room 4024

Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018 Exhibitors and Highlights

This Fall, the 2018 edition of Asia Contemporary Art Show will bring together more than 80 galleries from all over the world. Galleries will bring high-quality works in a range of media, from painting and scultpture to photography Be sure to check out booths by Accidental Art from Hong Kong, an unconventional platform dedicated to bringing art into everyone’s daily lives; Gaga Gallery from South Korea, promoting contemporary art in Korea; I.T.V. Holz-Art Gallery from Austria, committed to exhibiting and promoting Contemporary Art; KINOSHO KIKAKU from Japan, focusing on discovering young and promising artists throughout the world; Singapore Art Garret Gallery from the United Kingdom, presenting newly discovered, emerging, established and eminent artists from Singapore and International art backgrounds; The Gallery Eumundi from Australia, with an established reputation for contemporary Australian Fine Art plus contemporary Indigenous Art with a strong body of ceramic artists and bronze sculptors; Yuan Gallery from Hong Kong, presenting artists range from the young and promising to recognized figures across Asia-Pacific; Ross & Santi from Taiwan, a collective formed this year by contemporary Taiwan artists Fang Chi Wei, Lin Huang Yen and Koyama Toshitaka; and Kambal Gallery from the Philippines, specializing in promoting the works of modern and contemporary Filipino artists whose works are already sought after; among others.

The List of Exhibitors

310 atelier, Russia
Accidental Art, Hong Kong
Ahlam Alshedoukhy, Saudi Arabia
Alena Vavilina, Russia
Appraisal & Collection Fine Arts, Hong Kong
art B project, South Korea
Art of Nature, Hong Kong
Art tu:, Hong Kong
Artists in Taiwan, Taiwan
BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong
Buenaventura Art Gallery, France
C.K. Art Space, South Korea
Chris Rivers, United Kingdom
Connecting Myanmar, Hong Kong
Emma Hack Gallery, Australia
Fabrik Gallery, Hong Kong
Gaga Gallery, South Korea
Galerie GAIA, South Korea
Gallery Art Plaza, South Korea
Gallery Baum, South Korea
Gallery Doo, South Korea
Gallery IDM, South Korea
Gallery JHAK, South Korea
Gallery Michelle, South Korea
Gallery SUIHA, Japan
Gallery Two Stone, South Korea
Gao Xiao Yun Gallery, China
Gao Yi, China
I.T.V. Holz-Art Gallery, Austria
ienarts Museum, Taiwan
Inna Khimich Art Gallery, France
iTibet Art Space, China
Jade Flower Gallery, South Korea
Jean-Marc Peyer, France
Jeff Murray, United Kingdom
Joanna Blair, Australia
Kara’s Gallery, South Korea
Katherine Filice, United States
Khalifa Gallery, South Korea
Kogei, Japan
Komiyama Tokyo, Japan
Kristina Sretkova, Germany
Laura Jordan, United Kingdom
Ling Art, China
Luis Fuentes, Peru
Lydia Moawad Gallery, Lebanon
M & T ART, China
Macey & Sons, Hong Kong
Mayjune Gallery, South Korea
Minnano Gallery, Japan
Miro Gallery, South Korea
Nai Yuan's Oil Painting, China
Nancy's Gallery, China
Neon Space, Australia
Nido Asia, Hong Kong
Red Square Gallery, Hong Kong
Ross & Santi, Taiwan
Shanghai Tianqing Gallery, China
Singapore Art Garret Gallery (SAGG), United Kingdom
Space 1326, South Korea
Suomei Gallery, China
The Gallery Eumundi, Australia
Tian Art, Taiwan
Times Space, China
V' Art Space, Malaysia
Vincent Devine, Ireland
Wentworth Galleries, Australia
Wild Space, China
Xiu Zhu Ge Project, China
Yan Contemporary Art, China
YangYi Art Studio, China
Yuan Gallery, Hong Kong
Yunyu Mansion, China

Participating Artists in Hong Kong

As Saunderson explains, it is the fair’s mission “to curate and introduce a wide range of art and artists, both emerging and mid-career to our visitors, many never before seen at our Show.”

Therefore, the audience will have an opportunity to see the work of Katherine Filice, an exciting emerging surrealist whose detailed drawings question the tension in human relationships and social systems; Aung Myint, one of the pioneers of performance and experimental art in Myanmar; Wang Liwei, an exciting young Chinese sculptor who works with leather to create dynamic figures; Nornor, a Tibetan artist who lets inspiration drive his creative process, and Ikumi Nakada, a Japanese artist who portrays children using delicate brushstrokes recreating memories of childhood and childish innocence.

Other highlights include works by the acclaimed Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali, but also Yuki Nara and Toshimitsu Imai from Japan, Kim Myeong Gon from South Korea, Chris Rivers from United Kingdom, Poon Kwing Wing from China, Shozo Shimamoto from Japan, Adeline Buenaventura from France, and Annemarie Ambrosoli from Austria, among others.

Aiming to reflect current trends in the contemporary art market, the 2018 edition of the fair will feature a special sector Intersections: South Korea and Artist Dialogues presented by Cask 88. The sector will present a wide array of artwork by over 70 artists from South Korea who highlight the fusion of influences from Confucian to Christian, and reflect popular culture as well as social issues that shape the country’s contemporary art. Some of the artists presented as part of this sector are Seong Taejin, an established artist whose highly textured and brightly painted wood carvings are popular among collectors; Yoo Sun-Tai, renowned for a style of surreal three-dimensional paintings that have a meditative and poetic sense; and Han Kyu Wha, deriving his practice from images within everyday life; among others.

The Location of Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018

Practical Visitor Information

Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018 will take place at the Conrad Hong Kong, 40 – 43 floors from September 28th until October 1st, 2018. The UnionPay Private View by invitation only will be held on September 28th, from 3 to 5 p.m., while the UnionPay VIP Collectors Preview by invitation only will be held from 5 to 9 p.m.

The doors of the fair will be open from 1 to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday. The price of the tickets will be HK$270 (≈$34.4), admits two if purchased online; admits one if purchased at the door.

For more information, visit the official website of the fair.

Salvador Dalí - Triumphant Elephant, Wang Liwei - Or No Me or Nothing No.2 at 2018 edition of Asia Contemporary Art Shows
Left: Salvador Dalí – Triumphant Elephant, Appraisal & Collection Fine Arts, Hong Kong, Room 4321 / Right: Wang Liwei – Or No Me or Nothing No.2, Times Space, China, Room 4222
Ikumi Nakada - Melt at 2018 edition of Asia Contemporary Art Shows
Ikumi Nakada – Melt, Suomei Gallery, China, Room 4004
Katherine Filice - Heal, Shozo Shimamoto - Splash of Passion - works at 2018 edition of the fair
Left: Katherine Filice – Heal, U.S.A., Room 4110 / Right: Shozo Shimamoto – Splash of Passion, Macey & Sons, Hong Kong, Rooms 4026, 4226
Han Kyu Wha - Last Supper, among artworks at the 2018 edition of the fair
Han Kyu Wha – Last Supper, Kara’s Gallery, South Korea, Room 4211
Chris Rivers - Poison Apples 2 - the 2018 edition of the fair
Chris Rivers – Poison Apples 2, United Kingdom, Room 4111
Aung Myint - Mother and Child 18, oon Kwing Wing - Infinite, Water - artworks at 2018 edition of the fair
Left: Aung Myint – Mother and Child 18, Connecting Myanmar, Hong Kong, Room 4104 / Right: Poon Kwing Wing – Infinite, Water, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong, Room 4020
Chen Wennan - Impression of Yugur Landform 8 - among artworks at 2018 edition of the fair
Chen Wennan – Impression of Yugur Landform 8, Art of Nature, Hong Kong, Room 4225
Annemarie Ambrosoli - Les Jeux Sont Faits, Seong Taejin - I Have A Dream at the Conrad Hong Kong - artworks at 2018 edition of the fair
Left: Annemarie Ambrosoli – Les Jeux Sont Faits, Rien Ne Va Plus, I.T.V. Holz-Art Gallery, Austria, Room 4217 / Right: Seong Taejin – I Have A Dream, Khalifa Gallery, South Korea, Room 4310

Featured images: Annemarie Ambrosoli – Hajime, I.T.V. Holz-Art Gallery, Austria, Room 4217; Wu Qiong – Fairy Tales in the Wind II, M T Gallery, China, Room 4308; Toshimitsu Imai – Autumn Riverside, Macey Sons, Hong Kong, Room 4226; Rovi Salegumba – Tabula Rasa, KAMBAL GALLERY, Philippines, Room 4008; Adeline Buenaventura – Hippo Ti Amo, Buenaventura Art Gallery, Thailand, Room 4319. All images courtesy of Asia Contemporary.