Importante Partie De Service

Sell Through Rate: 100%

Artwork: Importante Partie De Service
Medium: One hundred and fifty-seven pieces (A plate with crack, a shine on a round dish)
Category: Sculptures And Ceramics
Artwork details : With polychrome decoration of bouquets of flowers, flowering stems and gold thread on the edges, including a square salad bowl, a covered oval terrine and an oval-shaped overtorned tray, thirty flat plates, twenty-eight plates over-decorated plates, twelve soup plates, eleven over-decorated soup plates, eleven dessert plates, eleven over-decorated dessert plates, twenty-four bread plates, ten small plates, two small, over-decorated plates, one square dish, four oval dishes, four round dishes, two over-decorated round dishes, a round bowl, two oval compotes, a saucer on an adjoining tray. None