The Lamentation of Christ
Artwork: The Lamentation of Christ
Size: 151.5 x 116.8 cm
Medium: Oil on panel.
Creation year: 1620
Category: Paintings
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Provenance: Private collection, South Germany.

Neumeister Munich

Date: 2020-12-03
Lot Number: 544
Notes: Created probably circa 1620; Cradling. Restored. Damaged. Minor damage to frame; This painting is a varying copy after Albrecht Dürers epitaph of the Nuremberg Holzschuher family. The original of the Holzschuher lamentation is found in the German National Museum, Nuremberg (inv. no. Gm 165) today. Until 1566 it hung in the Holzschuherkapelle near St. Johannis and was then moved to St. Sebald. In 1620 it was acquired by Martin Peller and was highly valued in the Peller collection. The ownership history of the original is of great importance for the present painting: When the original was sold to Martin Peller, a copy was made, which is believed to be the Lamentation of Christ that still hangs in St. Sebald today. Georg Gärtner the Younger is discussed as the artist. A copy without the donor figures of the Holzschuher family was known to have been in private property for some time and it can be identified as this work.