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Auction Results April 6 -12

  • London, New York, Bristol
April 12, 2014
ArtistArtwork TitleAuction HouseEstimate {€)Prize Realized (€)View
l'AtlasUntitledCornette de Saint Cyr7.000 - 9.000not communicatedl'Atlas #1
l'AtlasUntitledCornette de Saint Cyr3.000 - 3.500not communicatedL'Atlas #2
l'Atlas & TANCUntitledCornette de Saint Cyr4.000 - 5.000not communicatedl'Atlas & TANC
AlexoneFleurs BleuesCornette de Saint Cyr7.000 - 8.000not communicatedAlexone
Mr. BrainwashKate MossCornette de Saint Cyr8.000 - 12.000not communicatedMr. Brainwash
Mr. BrainwashChaplin and the KidCornette de Saint Cyr12.000 - 18.000not communicatedMr. Brainwash
FAILESinful PleasuresCornette de Saint Cyr8.000 - 12.000not communicatedFAILE
FAILE & BASTGolf PunkCornette de Saint Cyr4.000 - 6.000not communicatedFAILE & BAST
D*FaceUntitled (Pope)Cornette de Saint Cyr10.000 - 15.000not communicatedD*Face
Shepard FaireySF Fire EscapeCornette de Saint Cyr5.000 - 7.000not communicatedShepard Fairey #1
Shepard FaireyMarcos ProfileCornette de Saint Cyr3.000 - 5.000not communicatedShepard Fairey #2
Shepard FaireyBright FutureCornette de Saint Cyr10.000 - 15.000not communicatedShepard Fairey #3
JonOneWhen Truth SpeaksCornette de Saint Cyr35.000 - 40.000not communicatedJonOne
JonOneCote D'AzurCornette de Saint Cyr11.000 - 13.000not communicatedJonOne #2
ZEVSChanelCornette de Saint Cyr5.000 - 7.000not communicatedZEVS
Speedy GraphitoCity Love MeCornette de Saint Cyr9.000 - 12.000not communicatedSpeedy Graphito
Futura2000ChicagoCornette de Saint Cyr7.000 - 9.000not communicatedFutura2000
C215Make Art Not WarCornette de Saint Cyr4.000 - 5.000not communicatedC215
SwoonThalassaCornette de Saint Cyr3.500 - 4.500not communicatedSwoon
Logan HicksLegal Building SilverCornette de Saint Cyr2.000 - 2.500not communicatedLogan Hicks
BanksyLondon, New York, Bristol (Heavy Weaponry)Phillips (London)24.500 - 36.00060310Banksy
SwoonMyrtle AvenuePhillips (London)4.900 - 7.300UnsoldSwoon #2