Post War & Contemporary Art Day Auction
Auction ended

Post War & Contemporary Art Day Auction

Auction Date:
08 March, 2017 (01 : 00 pm)
Auction House
Christie's London 85 Old Brompton Rd, Kensington, London SW7, UK
Total number of lots: 216
Number of sold lots:200
Sold lots [%]:92.6
Total [$]:20,221,660
Max Price [$]:1,352,474
Average Price [$]:101,108
Number of sold lots over high estimate:131
Over High Estimate [%]:60.6
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:64
In Range of Estimated values [%]:29.6
Number of sold lots under low estimate:5
Under low estimate [%]:2.3

Auction Results Statistics

Louise Lawler-Date Painting-2001
Lot no. 101Date Painting, 2001 Louise LawlerEstimate: $12,465 - $18,697Hammer Price: $39,888Sold For: $49,860
Elizabeth Peyton-Alan Shearer-1998
Lot no. 104Alan Shearer, 1998 Elizabeth PeytonEstimate: $22,437 - $31,163Hammer Price: $19,944Sold For: $24,930
Alex Katz-Study for Lincolnville, Labor Day-1992
Lot no. 107Study for Lincolnville, Labor Day, 1992 Alex KatzEstimate: $18,697 - $24,930Hammer Price: $39,888Sold For: $49,860
Louise Lawler-The Right Side of the Bed-2003
Lot no. 102The Right Side of the Bed, 2003 Louise LawlerEstimate: $12,465 - $18,697Hammer Price: $19,944Sold For: $24,930
Laura Owens-Untitled-1996
Lot no. 105Untitled, 1996 Laura OwensEstimate: $37,395 - $49,860Hammer Price: $37,395Sold For: $46,744
Alex Katz-Double-1999
Lot no. 108Double, 1999 Alex KatzEstimate: $14,958 - $22,437Hammer Price: $27,423Sold For: $34,279
Elizabeth Peyton-Jean-Michel and his cat-1999
Lot no. 103Jean-Michel and his cat, 1999 Elizabeth PeytonEstimate: $18,697 - $24,930Hammer Price: $27,423Sold For: $34,279
Dana Schutz-QVC (I'm into Minimalist Tatoos)-2008
Lot no. 106QVC (I'm into Minimalist Tatoos), 2008 Dana SchutzEstimate: $31,163 - $43,628Hammer Price: $23,683Sold For: $29,604
Francis Alys-Untitled (Original)-1995
Lot no. 109Untitled (Original), 1995 Francis AlysEstimate: $62,326 - $87,256Hammer Price: $186,978Sold For: $230,606