Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Auction ended

Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

24 November, 2015 (07 : 00 pm)
Auction House
Sotheby's Milan Via Giuseppe Broggi, 19, 20129 Milano,
Total number of lots: 53
Number of sold lots:44
Sold lots [%]:83.0
Total [$]:11,963,530
Max Price [$]:1,481,660
Average Price [$]:271,898
Number of sold lots over high estimate:22
Over High Estimate [%]:41.5
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:21
In Range of Estimated values [%]:39.6
Number of sold lots under low estimate:1
Under low estimate [%]:1.9

Auction Results Statistics

Lot no. 1Tricolore, 1971 SalvoEstimate: $42,850 - $64,280Hammer Price: $42,850Sold For: $53,570
Josef Albers-Study For Homage To The Square:
Lot no. 4Study For Homage To The Square: "Framed Sky" A, 1968 Josef AlbersEstimate: $107,130 - $160,700Hammer Price: $214,270Sold For: $260,340
Davide Boriani-Superficie Magnetica-1959
Lot no. 7Superficie Magnetica, 1959 Davide BorianiEstimate: $26,780 - $37,500Hammer Price: $19,280Sold For: $24,110
Alighiero Boetti-Sciogliersi come neve al sole (Melting like the snow in the sun)-1988
Lot no. 2Sciogliersi come neve al sole (Melting like the snow in the sun), 1988 Alighiero BoettiEstimate: $53,570 - $74,990Hammer Price: $74,990Sold For: $93,210
Lucio Fontana-Concetto Spaziale-1960
Lot no. 5Concetto Spaziale, 1960 Lucio FontanaEstimate: $428,540 - $642,800Hammer Price: $428,540Sold For: $517,460
Dadamaino-Oggetto Instabile Visivo-1963
Lot no. 8Oggetto Instabile Visivo, 1963 DadamainoEstimate: $85,710 - $128,560Hammer Price: Not sold
Enrico Castellani-Superficie Blu-2004
Lot no. 3Superficie Blu, 2004 Enrico CastellaniEstimate: $192,840 - $267,840Hammer Price: $267,840Sold For: $324,620
Agostino Bonalumi-Nero-1960
Lot no. 6Nero, 1960 Agostino BonalumiEstimate: $74,990 - $96,420Hammer Price: $117,850Sold For: $144,630
Paolo Scheggi-Intersuperficie Curva-1964
Lot no. 9Intersuperficie Curva, 1964 Paolo ScheggiEstimate: $278,550 - $385,680Hammer Price: $278,550Sold For: $337,470