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Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction Analysis

  • Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art
July 25, 2015

The 284. Auctionata auction took place on Wednesday, July 22 2015, in Berlin. One day before, we wrote how Auctionata became the biggest auction house in Germany. This time, we write an auction analysis of the Post-War & Contemporary Art that, unfortunately, didn’t achieve some impressive results. Out of total number of 172 lots put on a bid, only 47 of them were sold, making that only 27.3 percent of sold lots. Maximum hammer price was achieved at $14.562 while the average hammer price was $2.498. Total of $117.421 was spent on the sold lots, while the sum of estimated value was $289.422.

Highlights of the Post-War & Contemporary Art at Auctionata

Post-War & Contemporary Art auction at Auctionata saw some quite amazing pieces of contemporary art. One of the highlights of the auction was Anna Tessenow’s Woman. This painting was painted in 2013, and the work is exemplary for the extraordinary oeuvre of this prominent representative of the Neuen Leipziger Schule. Unfortunately, it was not sold. Another auction highlight was Chris Burden’s Two Minute Airplane. It was sold for $3.514.

  • Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art

The Overview of Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction

The most successful sale was achieved in the case of Neo Rauch’s HIRT, with the starting price at $ 991 and sold for $2.324 (which is 134.5 percent over starting price). Lucien Frits Ohl’s Market Scene was sold for $2.666, which is 72.5 percent over the starting price. Finally, Giani Castiglioni’s Expressionistic Scenery was sold for $1.509, which is 52.3 percent over the starting price. When it comes to the highest hammer prices, the winner is Jack Pierson’s Ocean + 1st (pink cape) that was sold for $14.562. The second place is reserved for Ernst Fuchs’ Large Sphinx, sold for $13.846. The third highest hammer price was seen in the sale of Gerhard Altenbourg’s Blicke, entlaubt, sold for $4.858.

When we speak about unsold lots, the highest starting price had David Lamelas’ Solar Energy with starting price at $4.957, Mario Schifano’s Untitled, with starting price at $4.406, and Antonio Alonso Martinez’ A Secret Code, with starting price at $4.406. Unfortunately, these works were not sold.

Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art
Rolf-Dieter Grass – In the Spotlight (Lot 93). Estimated at $991; sold for $1.090
Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art
Pete Doherty – Blood Painting (Lot 123). Estimated at $2.203; sold for $2.423
Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art
Left: Alec Monopoly – Monopoly Man as A DJ (Lot 94). Estimated at $2.644; sold for $3.216 / Right: Daryoush Kamrani – Two Playing Children (Lot 42). Estimated at $551; sold for $606
  • Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art

Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction in Details

Please, scroll down, and you will find two tables – one with the summary of the Auctionata – Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction; the second one with detailed information on every lot auctioned at this auction.

Total number of lots:172
Number of sold lots:47
Sold lots [%]:27.3
Max Hammer [$]:14.562
Average Hammer [$]:2.498
Median Hammer [$]:2.093
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-16.2
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameStarting Price $Hammer Price $Hammer Starting Price Difference [%]
1Karl HoefsPrince William Sound, 19952.2032.76525.5
2Pavel OpocenskyLabrador, 1980s1.432Not SoldNot Sold
3Lothar FischerSlim Hanging Figure, 19822.2032.42310
4Guiseppe RivadossiLa mia casa, 19761.5421.6305.7
5Barnstein ThomasUntitled (Montgolfiere), 20021.4321.57510
6Moshekwa Mokwena Aaron LangaUntitled, 1995-19971.322Not SoldNot Sold
7Christof KohlhöferUnknown Red Woman, 1983881Not SoldNot Sold
8Christof KohlhöferUntitled, circa 20001.6522.35742.7
9Christof KohlhöferPlaying Card, 19911.3221.66325.8
10Lisa BriceIs, Is Was, 19891.652Not SoldNot Sold
11Lisa BriceJigsaw, 19951.322Not SoldNot Sold
12Lisa BriceBelt Sander, 19952.203Not SoldNot Sold
13Lisa BriceTill Death do us Part, 1994881Not SoldNot Sold
14Lisa BriceTo Have and to Hold, 1994881Not SoldNot Sold
15Lisa BricePlastic Makes Perfect (IV), 19941.322Not SoldNot Sold
16Mimmo CataniaVisitors, 20101.652Not SoldNot Sold
17Mimmo CataniaTwins, 2005716Not SoldNot Sold
18Mario SchifanoUntitled, 1990/954.406Not SoldNot Sold
19Mario SchifanoCompagni Compagni, 196713.218Not SoldNot Sold
21Rolf CavaelNo. 67/79.5, 19672.203Not SoldNot Sold
22Alfred BrogerSnowy Mountain Village, 1968606Not SoldNot Sold
23Giani CastiglioniExpressionistic Scenery, 19899911.50952.3
24Franz WlcekStill Life With Flowers, 19502.203Not SoldNot Sold
25Peter MarquantWater Lilies, circa 1970s1.652Not SoldNot Sold
26Thomas YeoAbstract Landscape, around 19702.423Not SoldNot Sold
27Rudolf JettmarWar Vision, 19362.644Not SoldNot Sold
28Stanislav BernsteinChannel in St. Petersburg, around 1985661Not SoldNot Sold
29Tatyana Aleksandrovna ShevchenkoWinter Landscape, 19811.652Not SoldNot Sold
30Georg EislerLandscape, 19863.3054.15325.7
31Willem Sternberg de BeerLilac Breasted Roller, around 2000991Not SoldNot Sold
32Willem Sternberg de BeerDare Do Duo, around 20001.873Not SoldNot Sold
33Willem Sternberg de BeerJoy of Living, around 20001.873Not SoldNot Sold
34Kate WyattOffa, around 1990375Not SoldNot Sold
35Hellmuth and Hellgah DiekenCasa with Fountain, 2013551Not SoldNot Sold
36Hellmuth and Hellgah DiekenGarden Terrace, 2000s551Not SoldNot Sold
37Hellmuth and Hellgah DiekenBelvedere Pavillon, 2013551Not SoldNot Sold
38Anatolij SlepyschevRendezvous, 19871.873Not SoldNot Sold
39Lucien Frits OhlMarket Scene, circa 1960/70s1.5422.66672.9
40Gheorghe Ion VrăneanţuIn the Parlor, 19772.2032.42310
41Gheorghe Ion VrăneanţuMarket Scene, 19772.2032.42310
42Daryoush KamaraniTwo Playing Children, c. 200055160610
43Galina Alekseyevna RoumyansevaBoy in his Playroom, 19741.102Not SoldNot Sold
44Daryoush KamaraniLittle Girl with Bird, c. 2000826Not SoldNot Sold
45Viktor Alexandrovic KrotovCouple with Dog in the Rain, 19812.644Not SoldNot Sold
46Petr Michajlovich IgnatevLenin at an Assembly, 19792.0932.2145.8
47Max PfallerUnrentable, Strecke in Bayern, 19761.5421.69610
48László SzlávicsHomage to Dalí, 1973551Not SoldNot Sold
49Alla SeilernDesert Landscape with Woman & Dogs, 199366172710
50Eduardo ArroyoJames Joyce, 19921.873Not SoldNot Sold
51CHAE Tong-YullDescent of Pyramids at Egypt, 19861.8731.9835.9
52Peter Robert KeilAbstract Portrait, around 19801.652Not SoldNot Sold
53Ernst WilleSchwarze Sängerin, 1986991Not SoldNot Sold
54David LamelasSolar Energy, 19864.957Not SoldNot Sold
55Peter KeilFlügel mit Blumen, 19941.102Not SoldNot Sold
56Wolfgang LeberFigur an einem Gitter, 197944155124.9
57Folmer BendtsenCity View, c. 19501.1021.21210
58Max KausPortrait of an Iranian General, 19662.2032.42310
59Viktor Vladislawowitsch AdamkewitschSeated Dancer, 19641.652Not SoldNot Sold
60Walter WellensteinSitzender Akt Am Spiegel, 19551.542Not SoldNot Sold
61Canran ZhangSelf as Nude in the Studio, 20019911.09010
62Jens LorenzenMuttermilch, 19931.102Not SoldNot Sold
63Rolf Müller-LandauPeasant Woman, around 1948330Not SoldNot Sold
64Elvira BachSitting Woman With Masks, 19862.203Not SoldNot Sold
65Luo WeiTwo Men, c. 2012771Not SoldNot Sold
66Leo ZogmayerThree Heads, 1985826Not SoldNot Sold
67Antonio Alonso MartinezA Secret Code, 20124.406Not SoldNot Sold
68Nikolai MakarovBerlin Interior, circa 19892.4232.66610
69Wu Ming, Chinese PainterUntitled, 20101.652Not SoldNot Sold
70Yi HuiPeach Flowers in Spring No.5, 20121.542Not SoldNot Sold
71Yi HuiUme-Blossoms No. 5, 20141.542Not SoldNot Sold
72Ke HuangI-Ging No. 2, 2012/131.212Not SoldNot Sold
73Ke HuangI-Ging No. I, 2012/131.212Not SoldNot Sold
74Jürgen BrodwolfTwo Figures, 19961.1021.1686
75Gerhard AltenbourgBlicke, entlaubt, 19694.4064.85810.3
76Marcel GromaireNu, 19582.644Not SoldNot Sold
77Jean-Charles BlaisSweater, 19989911.24525.6
78Jean-Charles BlaisSan Titre, 19989911.24525.6
79Gerhard AltenbourgLustige Schleiche, 19851.1021.21210
80Oswald Tschirtner1 Birke, 1987936Not SoldNot Sold
81SpiLandscape in Lenzerheide, 1980661Not SoldNot Sold
82SpiView on Tinzenhorn, 1979661Not SoldNot Sold
84Hans Erni3 Pencil Drawings with Different Couples, 19821.9832.0935.5
85Raymond PettibonBoo Boo, circa 1990s551Not SoldNot Sold
86Jean TinguelyHommage à Willi Bongard, 19871.102Not SoldNot Sold
87Eun Nim RoAnimal Figure, 19991.542Not SoldNot Sold
88LucebertHappy 1988, 1987/88771Not SoldNot Sold
89LucebertHappy 1987, 1986/87771Not SoldNot Sold
90Walter StöhrerFemale Silhouette, 19761.542Not SoldNot Sold
91Walter StöhrerDrawing in Contrasting Colors, 19781.542Not SoldNot Sold
92Hartmut Neumann2 Drawings, 1983/841.102Not SoldNot Sold
93Rolf-Dieter GrassIn the Spotlight, 20059911.09010
94Alec MonopolyMonopoly Man as a DJ, around 20002.6443.21621.6
95Stephan KaluzaPeter Ustinov, 19971.102Not SoldNot Sold
96A.R. Penck/Wolf KahlenAchtung Aufnahme, Portfolio, 19801.652Not SoldNot Sold
97Walter Prankl10 Works on Paper, presumably 1970s/1980s771Not SoldNot Sold
98Alfonso BorghiCartoni per il Fregio Stoclet, 20071.652Not SoldNot Sold
99Xu XiRed Fan I, 20031.102Not SoldNot Sold
100Renato Mambor, Albero BiancoMixed Media, 20046.058Not SoldNot Sold
101Canran ZhangWorking Men, 20069911.09010
102Wayne BarkerSlave Painting - Red, 19961.102Not SoldNot Sold
103Wayne BarkerSlave Painting – Yellow, 19961.652Not SoldNot Sold
104Wayne BarkerSlave Painting - Green, 19961.102Not SoldNot Sold
105Hungarian ModernismAgriculture, 2nd half of the 20th century4414747.5
106Marianne HopfAbstract Depiction, 1987441Not SoldNot Sold
107Franz RingelDifferences II, 20011.983Not SoldNot Sold
108Martakova N. P.Abstract composition with Half Nude, 1996551Not SoldNot Sold
109Saša MakarováTraumtänzerinnen, 20041.762Not SoldNot Sold
110Ruedy George FurrerEye with Match Stick Lashes, 1986661Not SoldNot Sold
111Siegfried AnzingerUntitled, 1980771Not SoldNot Sold
112Patrick DolanAbstract Composition, circa 1970s881Not SoldNot Sold
113Henryk CzesnikAngel, 1999991Not SoldNot Sold
114Claude QuiesseThe Flute Player, second half of the 20th century881Not SoldNot Sold
115Horst JanssenTree, 1976826Not SoldNot Sold
116Walter WomackaCactus, 19711.102Not SoldNot Sold
117Peter WildeInterpretation eines Asiatischen Märchens, 1998991Not SoldNot Sold
118Thomas ReinholdComposition of Colors, 19881.542Not SoldNot Sold
119Abstract Composition, 19671.542Not SoldNot Sold
120Mikhail TurovskyAbstract Portrait, 2nd half of the 20th century1.102Not SoldNot Sold
121Gorokhovsky EdwardHouse of Cards, 19921.873Not SoldNot Sold
122Franziska HufnagelThe times table, 20122.203Not SoldNot Sold
123Pete DohertyBlood Painting, circa 20102.2032.42310
124Orhan PekerAbstract Form, 19732.203Not SoldNot Sold
125Erwin Dominik OsenView of New York from a plane, 19514.406Not SoldNot Sold
126Anna TessenowWoman, 20131.873Not SoldNot Sold
127Carin FaaborgLooking for the Sicilians. 6., 20002.2032.76525.5
128Jack PiersonOcean + 1st (pink cape), 199513.21814.56210.2
129Wolf Vostell3 Watercolors, Lovers, 19881.102Not SoldNot Sold
130Wolf Vostell5 Watercolors, Bulls, 1987826Not SoldNot Sold
131Wolf Vostell2 Drawings, Female Nudes, 198360667210.9
132Wolf Vostell2 Beton-Cadillacs, 19871.542Not SoldNot Sold
133Wolf VostellAuto Beton Brunnen, 1987441Not SoldNot Sold
134Chris BurdenTwo Minute Airplane, 19993.3053.5146.3
135Neo RauchHIRT, 20019912.324134.5
136Mike KelleyPoetics Country, 19971.212Not SoldNot Sold
137Andy WarholThe Philosophy of Andy Warhol, 19751.046Not SoldNot Sold
138Joseph BeuysSich selbst, 1977/804.406Not SoldNot Sold
139Joseph BeuysDer Spiegel, 19791.212Not SoldNot Sold
140Helga J. von Zeppelin2 Fabric Collage, 20th/21st century1.102Not SoldNot Sold
141Marcello MorandiniChapeau Philip, 20031.873Not SoldNot Sold
142After Roy LichtensteinDialog Art Collection, 19881.542Not SoldNot Sold
143Raffael RheinsbergTendenz Steigend, 19912.2032.76525.5
144Heinz BorchersSchwaden, 19651.102Not SoldNot Sold
145Rafael CanogarSopa de letras III, 20002.644Not SoldNot Sold
146Valentin OmanLicht und Schatten, 19961.542Not SoldNot Sold
147Evgeni DybskyFairy Tale, 19902.4232.5555.4
148Thomas EmdeColor Fleece, Color Stalagmites, 19953.084Not SoldNot Sold
149Hermann NitschRelic Painting, 20062.0932.63325.8
150Hermann NitschRelic Painting, 20062.0932.30210
151Tamás KonokMicroludium, 2013606Not SoldNot Sold
152Tamás KonokMicroludium S.T., 2012606Not SoldNot Sold
153Tamás KonokMicroludium Hebron, 2011606Not SoldNot Sold
154Konok TamásMicroludium Vert, 2011606Not SoldNot Sold
155Tamás KonokMicroludium Pattern, 2012606Not SoldNot Sold
156Tamás KonokMicroludium Red, 2012606Not SoldNot Sold
157Tamás KonokMicroludium Lines, 2010606Not SoldNot Sold
158Tamás KonokMicroludium, 2013606Not SoldNot Sold
159Tamás KonokMicroludium, 2013606Not SoldNot Sold
160Tamás KonokMicroludium, 2013606Not SoldNot Sold
161Tamás KonokMicroludium, 2013606Not SoldNot Sold
162Tamás KonokMicroludium, 2013606Not SoldNot Sold
163Gerlinde FertigUntitled, 1984-20061.102Not SoldNot Sold
164Mac WhitneyTroy, 19906066395.4
165Attributed to Endre András TornayAbstract Figure, presumably 1980s441Not SoldNot Sold
166Maria LehnenUntitled, 1980s3.084Not SoldNot Sold
167Anna MahlerBronze Sculpture, around 19501.6521.81710
168Giorgio de ChiricoLa Musa, 1970881Not SoldNot Sold
169Arno BrekerFemale Nude, circa 1950s1.6522.06024.7
170Antonio PujiaMartin Fierro and Horse, 19724414635
171Levan VardosanidzeRugby Player, 19903.3053.63510
172Ernst FuchsLarge Sphinx, 201311.01513.84625.7
173Otmar AltKönigin, 19921.322Not SoldNot Sold
174Nikolai TregorLarger than Life Bust of Georg Solti, 19971.652Not SoldNot Sold
TOTAL (Sold lots):100.129117.42117.3

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Featured Images:

E.D. Osen – View of New York from a plane, detail (Lot 125)

Spi – Landscape in Lenzerheide, detail (Lot 81)

Image in Slider:

Antonio Alonso Martinez – A Secret Code (Lot 67)

All images courtesy of Auctionata.