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Auctionata - Prints & Photography Auction Analysis

  • Auctionata Berlin
  • Auctionata Berlin
  • Auctionata Berlin
  • Auctionata Berlin
  • Auctionata Berlin
July 25, 2015

One word: ouch. That’s probably the simplest description of Prints & Photography auction that took place on July 22 at Auctionata Berlin. And no, we’re not being too harsh. Take a look at this: just 28.3 percent of auctioned lots were sold, and that puts this Auctionata sale amongst some of the worst auctions of the year. Perhaps it’s because of some Europe thing(s) – the economy is still too weak, and the euro is not yet that weak to convince potential art collectors and buyers to rush to Europe and spend their money on art. But, then again, we have searched for similar auctions that Auctionata had organized this year, and we have found one similar thing with this one: they were horrible, as well.

On February 26, Auctionata New York organized The Auctionata: Photography sale, that ended with only 42.1 percent of sold lots. Then, at Auctionata Berlin, Photography & Prints auction took place on March 27, with 52.1 percent of lots that changed owners. Just one month later, on April 24, another Auctionata: Photography & Prints sale was held in Berlin, with just 37.4 percent of lots sold. And finally, five days later, on April 29, Auctionata New York organized Theme Auction: Icons, that mostly consisted of photographs, and was the worst of them all – only 18.1 percent of sold lots. So, perhaps it was not the Europe thing, more probably it was the Auctionata thing – when it comes to photographs and prints auctions, they just seem to fail again and again.

  • Auctionata Berlin

Alex Katz - The Lone Bright Spot at Auctionata

What positive things can we possibly say about an auction, when it fails this big? Well, not much. Alex Katz’s two works are probably the only bright spot of the auction, as both of his auctioned artworks were sold above the starting price, and one of them (Cow, from 2004) had the highest hammer price of the auction, with $8,630. Another honorable mentions are Oskar Kokoschka’s Die träumenden Knaben, that was sold for $6,004, two works that were sold for $5,974 (Larry Rivers’ Fred and Ginger and Katz’s Vivien), and Nobuyoshi Araki’s Colorscape that was sold for $5,206. Since Auctionata does not give high and low estimates, but just the starting price, there’s only the data on the biggest differences between hammer price and starting price, and the biggest difference had Peter Doig’s Drypoint for Ex Libris Edition # 11, with +52.3 percent difference.

Auctionata Berlin
Bruno Bisang – Leticia H. Bali, 1993 (Lot 38). Starting price $4,141, sold for $5,046.
Auctionata Berlin
Claudia Rogge – Circulate I (Lamda-Print), Germany, 2008 (Lot 171). Starting price $2,180, sold for $2,401.
Auctionata Berlin
Nobuyoshi Araki – Colorscape, 2007 (Lot 61). Starting price $4,141, sold for $5,206 (+20.5 percent difference).
Auctionata Berlin
Stefan Strumbel – Rolex (Digital Photo Print), Germany, 2010 (Lot 170). Starting price $436, sold for $461.
Auctionata Berlin
Hundertwasser – Baustein für die Träume der Kinder (Offset), 1992 (Lot 133). Starting price $414, sold for $440.
Auctionata Berlin
Alex Katz – Cow, 2004 (Lot 78). Starting price $7,084 sold for $8,630 – the highest hammer price of the auction.
Auctionata Berlin
Left: Mitch Feinberg – Langoustine (Photo), 2005 (Lot 168). Starting price $490, sold for $519. / Right: Peter Doig – Drypoint for Ex Libris Edition # 11, Trinidad, 2007 (Lot 159). Starting price $1,308, sold for $2,740, or with +52.3 percent difference – the highest difference of the auction.
  • Auctionata Berlin

Prints & Photographs - The Better Auctionata's Sale Of The Day

When we have announced this Auctionata’s sale at our Upcoming Auctions, we’ve mentioned that the estimated average lot value was just above one grand ($1,068). However, since only 49 out of 173 lots have been sold, this average went up to $1,868, so, in other words, you could have acquire a print or a photograph by some well known artists for some very reasonable prices. But, as we have seen, not many collectors did that. Perhaps one of the additional reasons was that Auctionata Berlin had another sale (Post-War & Contemporary Art) on the same day. The final result: Post-War & Contemporary Art was even worse than Prints & Photographs. So, actually, bellow you’ll find two tables with detailed information on the better Auctionata’s July 22 auction.

Total number of lots:173
Number of sold lots:49
Sold lots [%]:28.3
Max Hammer [$]:8.630
Average Hammer [$]:1.868
Median Hammer [$]:1.081
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-42.1
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameStarting Price $Hammer Price $Hammer Price Starting Price Difference [%]
1After Jeff KoonsBalloon Dog, 20127638409.2
2Andy WarholBrillo, 1970545Not SoldNot Sold
3Joseph BeuysGenommene Kurven, 1985981Not SoldNot Sold
4Joseph Beuys2 Invitations for Kunst + Politik, 1985981Not SoldNot Sold
5Joseph BeuysNo 1 documente. Abendunterhaltung, 19771.199Not SoldNot Sold
6Joseph BeuysHoney is flowing, 19741.199Not SoldNot Sold
7Joseph BeuysPress Proof Beuys & Stüttgen, 1984654Not SoldNot Sold
8Joseph BeuysEAP-Pamphlet, 1980763Not SoldNot Sold
9Benjamin KatzJoseph Beuys Westkunst, later print from 19881.090Not SoldNot Sold
10Siegfried WittenburgFaces of Revolution, 19903.705Not SoldNot Sold
11Manuel Álvarez BravoFrida Kahlo, c. 19911.962Not SoldNot Sold
12Man RayMarcel Duchamp, 1916, printed in 1991218Not SoldNot Sold
13Man RayJuliet, circa 1945, printed in 19912182326
14Man RayL‘Oeuf et le Coquillage, 1931, printed in 1991218Not SoldNot Sold
15Man RayPalais de Quatre Heures, 1932/33, printed in 1991218Not SoldNot Sold
16Heinrich Rudolf Zille2 Gelatin Silver Prints, printed in 1997218Not SoldNot Sold
17Maurice de VlaminckVerville, 1921654Not SoldNot Sold
18Camille PissarroFête du Jubilé, circa 1900, later impression872Not SoldNot Sold
19Horst JanssenDer Winter kommt, 19949811.0819.3
21Matthias WeischerUntitled (Axe), 20041.744Not SoldNot Sold
22Ferdinand HodlerDer Holzfäller, c. 1910654Not SoldNot Sold
23Otto PankokGaisa in Coat, 19471.853Not SoldNot Sold
24Otto DixEcce Homo, 19491.308Not SoldNot Sold
25Vincenzo LaeraThe Centaur 1 & 2, 2013817Not SoldNot Sold
26Vincenzo LaeraNorman Theuerkorn, 2012545Not SoldNot Sold
27Tim AdlerUntitled, circa 2000305Not SoldNot Sold
28Miguel Ángel PascualTriptych El Bueno El Malo y II, 2003763Not SoldNot Sold
29Mel RamosStrellson, 2007/2009436Not SoldNot Sold
30ChristoEarly Works, 4 Posters, 2001654Not SoldNot Sold
31Victor BarcyColumns, Different Angles, circa 2010490Not SoldNot Sold
32Walter LeesThe Amber Palace, Jaipur, 1996240Not SoldNot Sold
33After Oskar KokoschkaHamburg, 1975109Not SoldNot Sold
34Marie LaurencinFilles avec Fleurs, 1st half of the 20th century545Not SoldNot Sold
35Marie LaurencinLa Première Voiture Renault, 1936545Not SoldNot Sold
36Albrecht DürerMelencolia, 15142.1802.2322.3
37Peter LindberghMarie Sophie Wilson, 19876.539Not SoldNot Sold
38Bruno BisangLeticia H. Bali, 19934.1415.04617.9
39Esther HaasePortrait, 21st century545Not SoldNot Sold
40Esther HaaseZwei Frauen, 1990s5456009.2
41Esther HaaseAt the Bar, 1990s545Not SoldNot Sold
42Atelier Avant SeizeCollection of 4 photos, 21st century436Not SoldNot Sold
43Atelier Avant SeizeCollection of 4 photos, 21st century436Not SoldNot Sold
44Sam HaskinsPhotographic Composition with Portrait, 1979545Not SoldNot Sold
45Karel AppelPaysage humains, 19619811.0819.3
46Asger JornUntitled, around 1960436Not SoldNot Sold
47Asger JornColour Lithograph, 19588729609.2
48Stefan SzczesnyTropische Nacht, 199070889020.4
49Stefan SzczesnyStill Life with Fish, 2000436Not SoldNot Sold
50Stefan SzczesnyFemale Nude in Bath, 2000436Not SoldNot Sold
51Stefan SzczesnyMustique Flowers, 1999436Not SoldNot Sold
52Stefan SzczesnyParadise of Citrons, 2009436Not SoldNot Sold
53Stefan SzczesnyCaribbean Style, 19951.090Not SoldNot Sold
54Norbert TadeuszRed Figures I-III, 20031.090Not SoldNot Sold
55Günter TuzinaAbstract Composition in Blue, 1996981Not SoldNot Sold
56Günter TuzinaOverpainted Serigraph with Square Shapes, 2007545Not SoldNot Sold
57Günter TuzinaOil Chalk over Serigraph, 2005545Not SoldNot Sold
58Günter TuzinaOverpainted Serigraph in Red, Green & Black, 2004545Not SoldNot Sold
59Barry Le VaPlan View for Floor Sculpture, 1991545Not SoldNot Sold
60Barry Le VaComposition in Yellow, Silver & Black, 1987-88654Not SoldNot Sold
61Nobuyoshi ArakiColorscape, 20074.1415.20620.5
62Alexandre PonomarevMaya-L’île Perdue, 2007545Not SoldNot Sold
63Bob GomelThe Beatles in Miami, 1964, later press print371Not SoldNot Sold
64George HurrellJoan Crawford, c. 1938, printed later around 19805996609.2
65George HurrellAnna May Wong, 1938, printed later around 1980599Not SoldNot Sold
66George HurrellShot of Marlene Dietrich, 1938, later print9811.0819.3
67Jock CarrollPortrait Marilyn Monroe, 1952, printed later37160038.2
68Robert IndianaMarilyn - Descent of a Love Goddess, 20082.6162.6782.3
69Robert IndianaMarilyn - 67, 20082.6163.18717.9
70Tom WesselmannBlue Nude #2, 20012.1802.65617.9
71Tom WesselmannBlue Nude #5, 20002.1802.65617.9
72Keith HaringThe Story of Red and Blue (#17), 19901.5261.6225.9
73Peter DoigImaginary Boys, 20132.1802.65617.9
74Mimmo PaladinoVento from Landscape Portfolio of 10 etchings, 19948721.09620.4
75Frances ScholzWaterloo Sunset, 20095455755.2
76Donald K. SultanSilver Flowers March 3, 20112.6163.18717.9
77Alex KatzVivien, 20124.9045.97417.9
78Alex KatzCow, 20047.0848.63017.9
79Georg Karl PfahlerGeometric Composition, 19722402545.5
80Gerwald Rockenschaub6 boxes, 19863.705Not SoldNot Sold
81Peter WegnerWindows, 6 Pigment Prints, 2007926Not SoldNot Sold
82Marga Prankl10 Signed Photographs in Color, around 2000763Not SoldNot Sold
83ERRÓErró-The Crumb Series, 20121.1991.50720.4
84Paul McCartneyHigh in the Clouds, 20051.6351.7275.3
85Troels WörselWine Labels, around 1988981Not SoldNot Sold
86Karl Anton WolfSieben Tage der Bretagne, 1972599Not SoldNot Sold
87E.G. WillikensQuadratur der Zunge, 1968545Not SoldNot Sold
88Otto SchubertBilderfiebel, 1927654Not SoldNot Sold
89Oskar KokoschkaDie träumenden Knaben, 19085.4496.0049.2
90Andreas GefellerGolf Course, printed 20022.180Not SoldNot Sold
91Christian WitkinClose up Female Feet, 20021.6351.7375.9
92Detlef StiebichBeine, 20021.635Not SoldNot Sold
93Anton CorbijnPete Townshend, 19823.269Not SoldNot Sold
94Josef SudekSt. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, c. 1920s, printed later32739316.8
95Victor BarcyAntinous as Osiris, around 2010490Not SoldNot Sold
96Manuel Álvarez BravoSelf Portrait, around 1991654Not SoldNot Sold
97Karin KneffelZebra Fur (Untitled), 2010763Not SoldNot Sold
98Karin KneffelGrapes, 2006708Not SoldNot Sold
99Helmut Andreas PaulComposition VII, 20th century654Not SoldNot Sold
100Franz HitzlerWood Cut of a Seated Woman, 1990763Not SoldNot Sold
101James CoignardCompositions, 1980s1.090Not SoldNot Sold
102Hermann NitschColor Lithograph of Insides, around 1990981Not SoldNot Sold
103Hermann NitschUnterirdische Theateranlage II, 1984/91763Not SoldNot Sold
104Hermann NitschAbstract Ideas, 2004490Not SoldNot Sold
105Hermann NitschBlack Signs, 2007490Not SoldNot Sold
106Hermann NitschAbstract Signs, 2007490Not SoldNot Sold
107Hermann NitschLevitikus II, 20101.635Not SoldNot Sold
108Hermann NitschLevitikus XI, 20101.635Not SoldNot Sold
109Ernesto NetoNós Somos, presumably around 2000436Not SoldNot Sold
110Damien HirstI Get Around, 20021.0901.1525.4
111Damien HirstIn a Spin, 2002817Not SoldNot Sold
1121971 Allen JonesUntitled6546915.4
113Allen JonesCatwalk, 19988171.02820.5
114Allen JonesSnap, 19988171.02820.5
115Red GroomsTo the Lighthouse, 1997654Not SoldNot Sold
116Larry RiversFred and Ginger, 19994.9045.97417.9
117Josef SudekStudy Of A Dancer, 1930s371Not SoldNot Sold
118Josef SudekPosing Dancers, circa 1930s371Not SoldNot Sold
119Josef SudekSynchronic Dancers, 1930s371Not SoldNot Sold
120Josef SudekDance Study, circa 1930s371Not SoldNot Sold
121Josef SudekWalking Dancer, 1930s371Not SoldNot Sold
122Josef SudekDancers, 1930s490Not SoldNot Sold
123Josef SudekTwo Dancers, 1930s371Not SoldNot Sold
124Josef SudekTáňa Pexová Jašková, 1935490Not SoldNot Sold
125Josef SudekTáňa Pexová Jašková, circa 1930s545Not SoldNot Sold
126Salvador DalíLa Divine Comédie, 1960545Not SoldNot Sold
127Salvador DalíLa Divine Comédie, 1960545Not SoldNot Sold
128Salvador DalíLa Divine Comédie, 1960654Not SoldNot Sold
129Salvador DalíLa Divine Comédie, 1960654Not SoldNot Sold
130Salvador DalíLa Divine Comédie, 1960654Not SoldNot Sold
131Salvador DalíLa Divine Comédie, 1960654Not SoldNot Sold
132Joan MiróComposition, 1961763Not SoldNot Sold
133Friedensreich HundertwasserBaustein für die Träume der Kinder, 19824144405.9
134Christof KohlhöferBaby With A Gun, 19842.180Not SoldNot Sold
135Steve Alan KaufmanJames Dean, presumably 1990s5456009.2
136Elvis Aaron PresleyPhotograph of Elvis Presley, circa 19581.090Not SoldNot Sold
137Elvis PresleySigned Jailhouse Rock Photo Card, c. 19571.199Not SoldNot Sold
138Lucien ClerqueViolinist, 1954/55654Not SoldNot Sold
139Sheila MetznerThe Bridge, 20071.853Not SoldNot Sold
140Jefferson HaymanThe New City, 20081.853Not SoldNot Sold
141BeejoirTurin Scam, 2007654Not SoldNot Sold
142Matt MullicanIdeas on Yellow Ground, 19903.051Not SoldNot Sold
143Anri SalaCactus Score, 201154568520.4
144Antoni Clavé i SanmartíAssemblage de Gants, 19763.705Not SoldNot Sold
145A. R. PenckPraxis, 2000763Not SoldNot Sold
146A. R. PenckUntitled, late 20th Century1.4171.4965.3
147A.R. PenckStasi, 1990436Not SoldNot Sold
148A.R. PenckStasi, 1990436Not SoldNot Sold
149A.R. PenckWillst Du oder willst Du nicht, 1990436Not SoldNot Sold
150A.R. PenckWillst Du oder willst Du nicht, 1990436Not SoldNot Sold
151A.R. PenckErgebnis, 1991436Not SoldNot Sold
152A.R. PenckErgebnis, 1991436Not SoldNot Sold
153A.R. PenckDer letzte NVA Pilot, 1990436Not SoldNot Sold
154A.R. PenckFolge und Konsequenz, 1991436Not SoldNot Sold
155A.R. PenckDeutsch-Russische Verwandlung, 1990436Not SoldNot Sold
156A.R. PenckDeutsch-Russische Verwandlung, 1990436Not SoldNot Sold
157Rosemarie TrockelSerigraph for Ex Libris Edition # 4, 20051.3081.49612.6
158Marcel DzamaDrawing for Ex Libris Edition # 20, 20119811.23420.5
159Peter DoigDrypoint for Ex Libris Edition # 11, 20071.3082.74052.3
160Stanley William HayterSorcier, 1953654Not SoldNot Sold
161Antoni TàpiesEsperit catala II, 197443668536.4
162Antoni TàpiesAlbum St. Gallen, 1965414Not SoldNot Sold
163Antoni TàpiesOhne Titel, 197443660027.3
164Antoni TàpiesQuatre rius de sang, 1972654Not SoldNot Sold
165Ugo RondinoneStars, 200654566417.9
166Mitch FeinbergLa terre, la nuit, vue de l’espace, 20035456009.2
167Mitch FeinbergY2K Bug (macrodontia cervicornis), around 2000872Not SoldNot Sold
168Mitch FeinbergLangoustine, around 20054905195.6
169Michal RovnerField of Fire, 2005436Not SoldNot Sold
170Stefan StrumbelRolex, 20104364615.4
171Claudia RoggeCirculate I, 20082.1802.4019.2
172Detlef StiebichTreppe 3, 2002490Not SoldNot Sold
173Beatrice HugJaune, 2005, printed in 2007654Not SoldNot Sold
174Tatsuo MiyajimaCounter Skin in Recklinghausen, 2008763Not SoldNot Sold
TOTAL (Sold lots):77.15391.54215.7

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All images courtesy of Auctionata.