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Auctionata - Theme Auction: Icons - Auction Analysis

  • auctionata new york, auction analysis
  • auctionata new york, auction analysis
  • auctionata new york, auction analysis
May 1, 2015

Welcome to yet another auction analysis! Today on the menu 224. auction held at Auctionata New York titled Theme Auction: Icons which took place on April 29, 2015 in New York. Very disappointing results were achieved at this auction. Out of total number of 83 lots put on a bid, only 15 of them were sold, making that only 18.1% of sold lots. Not even one lot was sold over the high estimate, and since the Auctionata’s practice does not include selling artworks under the starting price, all of the lots were sold in the range of estimated value. Maximum hammer price was achieved at $7000 while the average hammer price was $2589. Total of $38830 was spent on the sold lots which is nothing comparing to the sum of estimated value of $418900.  And which artworks have found a new home?

  • auctionata new york, auction analysis

The Results of the Auctionata's Theme Auction: Icons

Since there is only fifteen of sold lots, it feels like they deserve to be all listed in this article. Quick trivia: 8 out of 15 lots that were sold at Auctionata’s Theme Auction: Icons contain the image of Marilyn Monroe. So, let us begin. To most succesful sale was achieved in the case of lot 54 – John and Jackie by Elizabeth Peyton, estimated at $14000 and sold for $7000. And here comes the first out of many Marilyn Monroes  by Elliot Erwitt, with the starting price at $4000 and sold for $6500. Next if Bert Stern’s From the Last Sitting earning $6000, equal to the starting price. Seven more artworks were sold for the starting price: another Bert Stern – Marilyn as Jacqueline Kennedy for $3000; Vladimir Sichov’s Keith Haring for $400; Alfred Hitchcock by Jean-Pierre Laffont for $750; Ron Galella’s Elvis Presley for $600 , with a 50 percent lower hammer price than the estimated value; Marilyn Driving by George Barris for $750; Frank Worth’s Marilyn Monroe for $3000, same as another Bert Stern – Marilyn Monroe Contact Sheet; and Marilyn 3 by Mimmo Rotella for $500. For $1630, Robert Freeman’s John Coltrane I changed its owner. Pose #2 – Marilyn Monroe by Tom Kelley with a starting price at $1100 was sold for $300 dollars more. Alberto Korda’s Che Guevara from 1960 was sold for $3200 with 60 percent over starting price. Mel RamosWonder Woman, started at $1000 and reach the hammer price at $1100.

  • auctionata new york, auction analysis

Prices of the Unsold Lots at Auctionata's Theme Auction: Icons

And this leaves us with all of the unsold lots. The highest estimated price was seen in the case of Andy Warhol’s Santa Claus at $36000, and at the same time it had the highest starting price of $18000. Frank Sinatra and Brigitte Bardot by Terry O’Neill were estimated at $34000 each. Mark Seliger’s Barack Obama was estimated at $20000, so as Andy Warol’s Lamentation. Not even T.Wat’s Corporate Mugging for $300 had not been sold, nor The Beatles by Andre Sas. For more information, please, consult the tables below.

  • auctionata new york, auction analysis

Auction Analysis Details of Auctionata's Theme Auction: Icons

Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameYearStarting Price $Estimated Value $Hammer Price $Hammer Estimated Value Difference [%]Hammer Starting Price Difference [%]
1Mel RamosWonder Woman1979100020001100-4510
2Lotte JacobiAlbert Einsteinc. 193015003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
3BrassaïPortrait of Picasso196626005000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
4Vladimir SichovKeith Haring1987400800400-500
5Andy WarholLamentation19861000020000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
6Al HirschfeldJosephine Baker198212002400Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
7Al HirschfeldJudy Garland in Concert198510002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
8Al HirschfeldMarlon Brando Hollywood King199615003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
9Al HirschfeldCharlie Chaplin The Rink198910002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
10Al HirschfeldBergman & Bogart Casablanca199515003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
11Alexander KahleOrson Welles Citizen Kane194115003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
12Jean-Pierre LaffontAlfred Hitchcock7501500750-500
13Bud FrakerGrace Kelly Rear Window195415003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
14Elmer FryerBette Davis193630006000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
15Ned ScottRita Hayworth194430006000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
16Alexander KahleKatharine Hepburn30006000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
17Pigment Print with Diamond DustAudrey Hepburn20th C. 20004000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
18Robert FreemanJohn Lennon196430006000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
19André SasThe Beatles1964400800Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
20Ron GalellaMick Jagger19856001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
21Jean-Pierre LaffontMick Jagger19757501500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
22Mario AlgazeMick and Keith197215003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
23David LeFrancMick Jagger1997400800Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
24Gered MankowitzJimi Hendrix196740008000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
25Mark SeligerJoni Mitchell20th C. 24005000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
26Ralph DominguezMusiciansc. 198510002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
27André SasBillie Holidayc. 1950400800Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
28Robert FreemanJohn Coltrane I150030001630-45.78.7
29Ralph DominguezThe Rat Packc.198010002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
30Terry O’NeillFrank Sinatra197040008000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
31Sid AveryOceans Eleven Cast1960600012000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
32Terry O’NeillFrank Sinatra19681700034000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
33Tom KelleyMamie Van Doren19667501500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
34Frank WorthElizabeth Taylor195520004000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
35Frank WorthJames Dean Giant195520004000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
36Collection of James Dean MemorabiliaMid-20th C.10002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
37Richard C. MillerJames Dean195515003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
38Ron GalellaElvis Presley19726001200600-500
39Harry BensonDolly Parton197615003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
40Bunny YeagerBettie Pagec. 19555001000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
41George BarrisMarilyn Drivingc. 19627501500750-500
42Elliott ErwittMarilyn Monroe1956400080006500-18.862.5
43Tom KelleyPose #2 – Marilyn Monroe1949110022001400-36.427.3
44Frank WorthMarilyn Monroe in Deckchair195420004000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
45Philippe HalsmanMarilyn-Mao196720004000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
46Frank WorthMarilyn Monroe1953300060003000-500
47Arnulf RainerMythos Marilyn (Red)200215003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
48Arnulf RainerMythos Marilyn (Blue)200215003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
49Bruce DavidsonBeverly Hills Hotel196017003400Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
50Bert SternMarilyn Monroe Contact Sheet1962300060003000-500
51Bert SternFrom The Last Sitting19627500150006000-60-20
52Mimmo RotellaMarilyn 319795001000500-500
53Bert SternMarilyn as Jacqueline Kennedy1962300060003000-500
54Elizabeth PeytonJohn and Jackie20007000140007000-500
55Ron GalellaJackie Onassis19696001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
56Ron GalellaJackie Onassis19706001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
58Nicholas VreelandThe Dalai Lama200215003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
59Margaret Bourke-WhiteMahatma Gandhi194615003000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
60Alberto KordaChe Guevara1960200040003200-2060
61Andy WarholJimmy Carter III1977500010000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
62Mark SeligerBarack Obama20101000020000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
63Jean-Pierre LaffontAli vs Frazier19747501500Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
64Neil LeiferClay vs. Liston I196430006000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
65Christopher MakosAndy Warhol in Dragc. 198010002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
66Jean Jacques BugatEdie Sedgwick1966400800Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
67Terry O’NeillBrigitte Bardot19711700034000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
68HatamiBrigitte Bardot20th C. 400800Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
69Jean BarthetHalston20th C. 5001000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
70HatamiCoco Chanelc. 19655001000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
71Roxanne LowitKate Moss199426005000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
72Ron GalellaKate Moss19936001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
73Deborah KassRed Barbra1992750015000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
74Lawrence SchillerBarbra Streisand196810002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
75Ralph DominguezLeading Ladies198010002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
76Ron GalellaDavid Bowie19756001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
77Ron GalellaMichael Jackson & Whitney Houston6001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
78Ralph DominguezLeading Menc. 198010002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
79Ralph DominguezRobin Williams198010002000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
80Ron GalellaJohn Belushi19786001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
81Ron GalellaJoan Rivers19896001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
82Andy WarholSanta Claus19811800036000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
83T.WatDysfunktional Mickey20146001200Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
84T.WatCorporate Mugging2013300600Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
TOTAL (Sold lots):361007220038830-46.27.6
Total number of lots:83
Number of sold lots:15
Sold lots [%]:18.1
Number of sold lots over high estimate:0
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:0
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:0
Number of sold lots in range between starting price and estimated value:15
In range between starting price and estimated value (Sold) [%]:100
Results were under the spread of [%]:50
Max Hammer [$]:7000
Average Hammer [$]:2589
Median Hammer [$]:1630
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-37
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Andre Sas – The Beatles, 1964, (lot 19)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Tom Kelley – Pose #2 Marilyn Monroe, 1949, (lot 43)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Ron Galella – Elvis Presley, 1972, (lot 38)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Bern Stern – The last sitting, 1962, (lot 51)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Richard C. Miller – James Dean, 1955, (lot 37)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Bert Stern – Marilyn Monroe contact sheet, 1962, (lot 50)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Mimmo Rotella – Marilyn 3, 1979, (lot 52)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Mel Ramos – Wonder Woman, 1979, (lot 1)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Jean Pierre Laffont – Alfred Hitchcock, (lot 12)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Bert Stern – Marilyn as Jacqueline Kennedy, 1962, (lot 53)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Gered Mankowitz – Jimi Hendrix, 1967, (lot 24)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
George Barris – Marilyn driving, 1962, (lot 41)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Frank Worth – Marilyn Monroe, 1953, (lot 46)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Andy Warhol – Lamentation, 1986, (lot 5)
auctionata new york, auction analysis
Alberto Korda – Che Guevara, 1960, (lot 60)

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Featured images:

Jean Pierre Laffont – Ali vs. Frazier, 1974, (lot 63)

Robert Freeman – John Coltrane, (lot 28)

Elliot Erwitt – Marily Monroe, 1956, (lot 42)

Slider images:

Elizabeth Peyton – John and Jackie, 2000, (lot 54)

Andy Warhol – Diamond Dust Santa Claus, 1981, (lot 82)

Vladimir Sichov – Keith Haring, 1987, (lot 4)

All images are corutesy of Auctionata.