Anabel Roque Rodríguez

Anabel Roque Rodríguez is an art historian, writer and curator currently based between St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany). Her research focus lies on feminism, the relationship of art and the social, the financial crisis in the Mediterranean, community based art practices, labor issues in the arts and creative entrepreneurship.

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Adrian Villar Rojas presents The Theater of Disappearance in Bregenz, through prehistoric fossils, Renaissance pieces to modern and contemporary artworks.
In today's era of online art journalism, what is the relevance of art top lists? Do they bring any journalistic accuracy and objective metrics?
The artist Ana Mendieta is undergoing a reappraisal as a leading female artist. Her art explores the body's connection to nature and a search for belonging.
The Venice Biennale 2015 can be understood as an attempt to describe artistic production and curatorial thinking in times of crisis and to find moments to connect the sensitive local conditions with a broader international perspective.
Flo6x8 adapts flamenco to the current time of crisis, austerity and instability in Spain. They explore the connection between the body and its oppression in spaces.
Doris Salcedo's works deal with war zones, political conflicts and how people deal with the trauma they suffered, using beauty and dignity.
Precarious labor in the arts manifests itself in different ways. More and more groups are formed to change the current structures.
The city of the 21st century demands new solutions, confronted with process of gentrification and displacement. Read about shabbyshabby apartments.
In these difficult times the Center for Political Beauty organizes concrete actions and anticipates even the political agenda of politicians. Art meets activism for social change.