Angie Kordic

Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

Top Lists, Provoke! (NSFW) | Angie Kordic
Dildomobil is the latest performance work by Milo Moiré, in collaboration with photographer Peter Palm.
Art News | Angie Kordic
Tate Britain announced the names of 10 Turner Bursaries who in 2020 received £10,000 instead of a Turner Prize nomination.
In our latest podcast we talk to Tina Ziegler, a pivotal figure of the urban art movement, about two of her latest projects dedicated to curators and artists.
Exhibition Announcements | Angie Kordic
Artist Natalia Koren Kropf talks to Widewalls ahead of her online exhibition at Artios Gallery, about what to expect on view.
In our latest podcast, we talk to Pauline Foessel about Art Curator Grid, a new network dedicated to international contemporary art curators.
Gallery Advice | Angie Kordic
We talk to Tootsie Warhol, a lawyer giving free tips to galleries regarding rent in NYC, but also about his Anti-Trump persona as Presidential Candidate.
Collectors' Tip | Angie Kordic
Nicole Zambrano, 11 [HH] Art Gallery’s Miami Showroom Manager, on what makes this art space stand out.
Collectors' Tip, Art Market | Angie Kordic
Insurance giant Arte Generali issues a new app that might make the life of art collectors easier. We talk to CEO Jean Gazançon about why they should use it.
Collectors' Tip | Angie Kordic
Aguttes' Ophélie Guillerot talks to Widewalls about the auction house's exciting Contemporary Art sale, coming up on May 29.
Collectors' Tip | Angie Kordic
ARTIANA's Lavesh Jagasia discusses the auction house's upcoming sale focused entirely on the works of paper by the late Jamil Naqsh.
Top Lists, Art News, Art Fairs | Angie Kordic
These pricey six artworks by female artists are still standing in Frieze Art Fair's Online Viewing Room of the 2020 New York edition.
Top Lists, Art News, Art Fairs | Angie Kordic
A portrait of a student, Janset Berkok Shami, painted by a teacher, Fahrelnissa Zeid, stands as a beautiful testimony of a 16-year friendship.
Top Lists, Art News, Art Fairs | Angie Kordic
A unique portraitist, Karen Kilimnik is one of the most original voices on today's contemporary art scene.
Top Lists, Art News, Art Fairs | Angie Kordic
Invoking anatomy, cartography and history, Julie Mehretu imagines identity as a blend of individuality, collectivity, past and present.
Top Lists, Art News, Art Fairs | Angie Kordic
This Alice Neel portrait of a young girl is a fine example of an exquisite figurative practice that conveys intimacy like no other.
Top Lists, Art Edition Special, Art News, Art Fairs | Angie Kordic
Gego's Drawings Without Paper feature wires arranged on a plane and hanging in front of a wall.
Top Lists, Art News, Art Fairs | Angie Kordic
Curvae In Curvae by the late Beverly Pepper stands as one of her famous earthbound sculptures.
Top Lists | Angie Kordic
Faraway So Close, a tableaux vivant by artist and professor Tina Gillen, will represent Luxembourg at the 59th Venice Biennale.