‏Anika Meier

Anika Meier lives as a freelance writer in Hamburg. She founded the artist collective @thisaintartschool, and was also Junior Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of London. In addition to writing about art and social media for Monopol Magazin, she blogs on artefakt and instagrams as @gert_pauly.

Exhibition Announcements, Interviews | ‏Anika Meier
In the conversation with Dr. Ulf Kuster from The Fondation Beyeler, Anika Meier explores how Claude Monet and yoga fit together.
Photography, Interviews | ‏Anika Meier
Anika Meier talks to art journalist Charlotte Jansen about her great new book Girl on Girl. Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze.
Artist(s) in Focus, Digital Art, New Media, Interviews | ‏Anika Meier
A new exhibition at Babycastles in New York prompt Anika Meier to talk to Refrakt and artists Molly Soda and Nicole Ruggiero about Augmented Reality in art