Brent Hallard

Brent Hallard is an Australian-born abstract artist, curator and writer whose works on paper and aluminium explore minimalist iconography and monochromatic expressions.

Brent Hallard talks to artist Zora Kreuzer about the innovative way she uses neon lights in order to explore the physicality of architectural spaces.
Brent Hallard talks to artist Terri Brooks about her abstraction and the way her Australian heritage influences her work across many media.
Brent Hallard talks to artist Ted Larsen about the fine line between sculpture and painting in his abstract practice, and the peculiar titles behind them.
Brent Hallard talks to artist Alain Biltereyst about some recent shift in his abstract art practice, and what prompted them.
Brent Hallard talks to Terry Haggerty about his curious working process and the meaning behind his notable artworks.
Brent Hallard interviews abstract artist Li Trincere, who began her career among the established artists of Non-Objective painting in New York City.
Brent Hallard talks to abstract artist Claudia Damichi on her abstract and geometrical practice, as well as her past and future show at Olsen Gallery in Australia.