Giada Pellicari

Giada Pellicari (Padova, 1987) is an art curator and author who is devoting her research and practice to the fields of Urban Art, Public Art and New Media through exhibitions, lectures and publications. She completed her BA in Visual Arts (addressed to Contemporary Art History) at the University of Padova, Cum Laude, and her MA in Theatre and Visual Arts (addressed to Curatorial Studies and Production of Visual Arts) at IUAV University in Venice, Cum Laude. She was a curator in residence at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, for a year (2013-2014), where she curated and co-curated exhibitions, public performances, talks, videoart screenings and workshops. She was a teaching assistant for a visual art course of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in partnership with Graduate Course in Visual Arts, IUAV University. She was a delegate at “Lisbon Street Art and Urban Creativity international conference”, organized by the University of Lisbon in July 2014. She is the author of "Scrivere di Writing | Note sul mondo dei Graffiti", an Italian book on a theoretical analysis regarding the Graffiti Writing movement, published by Cleup (December 2014). She was the Coordinator of the Macedonian Pavilion for the 56th International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale, 2015. She has published online articles, art texts and essays in books and catalogues.

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