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Paul Feeley: Space Stands Still, opening at Waddington Custot gallery in London this April, promises to offer a welcome respite for anyone looking for visual and mental relief.
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The Jean Dubuffet sculpture Tour aux récits has been installed in Smithson Plaza, London, offering contemporary Brits a chance to reframe their new relationship to reality.
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An installation of monumental stained glass windows by Gerhard Richter in a 7th century Monastery in Tholey, Germany, may be the final, and most successful, work by the artist.
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Mural (1943) by Jackson Pollock - the most storied American painting ever made - will be on view at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum from 3 October 2020 through 19 September 2021.
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The documentary Driven to Abstraction uses the infamous Knoedler & Co. scandal to raise fundamental questions about aesthetic values and the frailties of the art market.
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A Hsiao Chin retrospective at the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Latvia explores the bridges Hsiao has built between past and present, China and the globe, and Earth and the universe.
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The American artist Ron Gorchov (1930 - 2020) was both a revolutionary and a reformer, tirelessly creating beautiful variations of his convex, saddle stretched canvases.
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The Cedar Bar, and its later manifestation The Cedar Tavern, have become the stuff of legend, as the enchanters of art history spin legends of an American Bohemia allegedly lost.
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Results of a new abstract art study conducted by researchers at Columbia University in New York suggest that the human brain reacts differently to abstract and figurative art.
Artist(s) in Focus, Exhibition Reviews | IdeelArt
Lee Seung Jio: Advancing Columns, on view at The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, in Seoul, remembers the legacy of a founder of the Korean Origins Movement.
Artist(s) in Focus, Exhibition Reviews | IdeelArt
The six South Asian female abstract artists whose works are featured in Fault Lines: Contemporary Abstraction by Artists from South Asia, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Artist(s) in Focus, Exhibition Reviews | IdeelArt
Otto Freundlich (1878-1943), the revelation of abstraction, on view at The Montmartre Museum near where he once lived, proves the beautiful legacy of Otto Freundlich lives on.
Art History | IdeelArt
Pat Passlof defied trends, challenged the established power structures of the art field, and created a masterful body of abstract paintings that exists outside of the trends.
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Renowned for his large scale murals in such high profile locales as the One World Trade Center lobby, José Parlá will debut a new body of smaller works this fall at The Bronx Museum.
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These nine African American abstract artists are influential to me for the confidence with which they have dedicated themselves to moving the field of abstract art forward.
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A flurry of recent exhibitions has brought quick attention to the work of Eva LeWitt, the 30-something daughter of Sol LeWitt, who is fighting to create a voice of her own.
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Just weeks before the delayed opening of the Centre Pompidou exhibition Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Paris! and the wrapping of L’Arc de Triomphe, the artist Christo has died.
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Assuming museums open again in the autumn, Centre Pompidou will present Matisse: Like a Novel this October, a retrospective inspired by Louis Aragon’s authoritative novel.