Maria Domenica Arcuri

In Shoreditch, London, Borondo creates Animal a huge and immersive show where he explores complex themes and invites to reflect and find explanations
Play with the spectrum of colours or the spectral intensity at the 'Spectrum' exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery.
Artist(s) in Focus, Interviews | Maria Domenica Arcuri
We reached out The Dotmaster to ask him some questions about his exhibition, about his past experience and more generally about issues related to street art. We also tried to find out a little more about his future plans.
Hide and Seek with Martin Whatson at the pop up show curated by Rex Romae in London. We visited the exhibition an can present exclusive images from his latest work.
A great acute social commentary in the heart of Marylebone. Trash 'n' Cash by The Dotmaster at Imitate Modern. Here are exclusive images from the exhibition.
Beautiful abstract female portraits emerge from Mr Cenz's ability to fuse graffiti lettering with different techniques. 'Distortions' featured at Pure Evil Gallery. Here are some pictures from the exhibited works.
Etam Cru invite us to indulge in the oneiric world of their Bedtime Stories. Told at Galeria Varsi in Rome.
Lazarides at Rathbone features two interesting exhibitions. Marcus Jansen plays with textures and abstract landscapes and focuses on socio-political issues. Ludo plays with technologic metamorphosis and hybrid butterflies.
'Aqua Regalia' by Faith 47 is the nice treat for Londoners curated for the Moniker Art Fair. Here are some exclusive pictures of the exhibition.
Chilly autumn is here and StolenSpace Gallery in London offers a heart-warming remedy with two amazing shows by Word To Mother and Beau Stanton.