Neda K.

Urban and contemporary art hub based in San Francisco, the 886 Geary Gallery brings together six international contemporary urban artists at a group exhibition Analog Y. Are you ready?
Todd James a.k.a. REAS, exhibits new works at Lazarides Gallery. He depicts a fantastical reality of expressive colors, cartoon-like drawing and weaponry, seducing the viewer with a seamless mix of luminous compositions and graffiti-infused erotica.
Multum in Parvo at Dominique Lévy s New York gallery brings together Alexander Calder and Santiago Calatrava
Fischl’s extraordinary achievements throughout his career have made him one of the most influential figurative painters of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.The Jablonka Maruani Mercier Gallery in Brussels will show his latest series of paintings.
Richard Misrach is one of the most influential contemporary photographers. The survey exhibition Being(s) 1975-2015 traces the appearance of the human figure in Misrach’s photographs across the entire span of his career, from 1975 to the present.
In a solo exhibition God Complex, the Joseph Gross Gallery will present new work by Joseph Grazi. New York City born and based artist, Grazi (b.1983) works across a growing variety of mediums and largely focuses on themes of nature and death.
Jason Williams a.k.a. REVOK is an American contemporary artist noted for his complex assemblage works. REVOK’s studio work explores deeply shared themes involving place and human experience using the very materials that make up the environment around him.
Anthony Lister is already described as one of Australia's best contemporary artists. His idea is to create art that is exciting to himself, and looking at his artwork one might think exacly that he is having a lot of fun.
Ariane Monod creates paintings that fall between abstract and landscape, being neither of the two entirely. They are abstracted visual assemblages of the artist’s dreams and memories.
Artstübli Gallery in Basel presents Luca Barcellona, an Italian artist, who successfully joins together his passion for calligraphy and contemporary street art culture.
Working primarily in ceramic, American multimedia artist Ann Agee, has increasingly become known for her installations, appropriating traditional decoration motifs and playing with the organization of domestic interiors.
Alban is a Paris based French artist. His art is a unique result of diverse influences such as Rauschenberg and his ‘combines’, Hyperrealism, Pop Art graphic design and 21st Century techno-culture.
Samantha Roddick is best known as the original founder of the erotic boutique Coco de Mer, British lingerie brand and retail store. Hidden Within, which will be presented at The Michael Hoppen Gallery is her first artistic project.
Dario Puggioni is an Italian artist, who moved from Rome to Berlin where he currently lives and works. In his art, Puggioni experiments with the material character of surfaces by combining classical figure drawing with a more modern antagonist mood.
The potential for beauty in everything know in this word, even if doesn’ t call the notion of beauty to mind at the first site, is what highly talented artist Magnus Gjoen explores in his art prints.
The artists in the show Dreamlands at Corey Helford Gallery were invited to interpret their dreams, and the resulting work is soft, utopian, and surreal. The exhibition is a mixture of psychedelia, fantastic imagery and a classically gentle sensibility.
The Calm at Black Book Gallery features new work by Ravi Zupa, a very skilled emerging contemporary artist from Denver, known for his mastery of a broad range of media and techniques: drawing, painting, screen and relief printing and sculpture.
After ballet Herrmann turned to photography in the 1990s. His first works in photography showed preoccupation with the image of the human body, gender constructions in photography and the self-image as sexually connoted manifestation.