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It is estimated that millennials will spend $1.4 trillion per year by 2020. Amongst them are many young art collectors with a big impact on the market.
Recently, a big capture of Hitler art took place in Germany - sculptures ordered by Hitler and other Nazis almost ended up on a black market for Nazi art.
When they took the power in 1917, Soviet communist wanted to change characteristics of ordinary man. Socialist realism art was one of the important tools.
Die Kunstagetin gallery from Cologne has presented a great collection of urban art pieces, perfect as Christmas presents for all art lovers.
Solo exhibition by a German photographer Ruediger Glatz will be presented to the visitors of the Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg, Germany.
Marilyn Manson is probably a unique character in the world of music. But, did you know that he paints, as well? Would you buy Marilyn Manson paintings?
Digital Art | Ricardo Martinez
The world has gone digital during the past few decades. Art has also gone digital and new kind of artists have been born. We give you the world of net art.
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Pop Art had was very important in the 20th century, and we have chosen 10 most important paintings of that period. Two of them aren't paintings. Go figure.
David Bloch Gallery from Marrakech, Morocco has prepared a joint exhibition of two of its resident artists: Vincent Abadie Hafez and Carlos Mare.
Lowbrow art has gone a long way, from not being recognized as art, to a respectable style of Pop Surrealism, found in the biggest galleries of the world.
Collectors' Tip | Ricardo Martinez
Australian art market is rather small and insignificant. What could be done to improve the condition of both art market and Australian artists?
Digital Art | Ricardo Martinez
Where does video art stand in the context of contemporary art? New times have brought us new technologies, and they quickly became another form of artists' expression.
There is a good amount of nostalgia in retro futurism, and the main reason for that is dissatisfaction with the present time and today's world.
Top Lists | Ricardo Martinez
Take a look at which galleries were the most popular during the month of November! Unlike the past two months, Ministry of Walls is not at the first place.